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If you are finding the quality hidden screen recorder, then this is the right platform to know about best-hidden screen recording apps and how to download and install it. If you’re finding a way to make hidden screen recording discreetly. Moreover, in most of the android applications, there is no built-in feature that will let you enjoy the things quietly.

Hence for this task, it is best if you will choose the reputable best hidden screen recording feature that works on stealth mode.

Moreover, for a reason without root following are the best hidden screen recorder apps that will full fill all your demands and needs of using hidden screen recorder applications. Also, these are highly professional applications that record the screen discreetly and your target person can’t find these hidden screen recording apps.

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Hidden Screen Recorder - Live Screen recorder - MocoSpy

There might be the best list of spy screen recorder features. Hence it is hard to spy over another person’s cell phone screen without hidden screen recording apps who work secrelty on your target mobile phone. If you installed the hidden screen recording application successfully on your target phone. Then you can make short videos of their screen remotely through dashboard & your target person didn’t know what going on with their screen. Amazing?

You need a Complete hidden screen recorder

Thankfully, there are lots of hidden screen recorders that will be serving you with all these features in the best way and its works on hidden mode.

MocoSpy- the Best Hidden Screen Recorder app

Since there is no such built-in feature to track the target person, anyhow there is the bulk of hidden spy recorder features. However, we will be introducing you with the optimized and professional hidden screen recorder, which is the MocoSpy. You need to Install a spy hidden screen recorder in you target mobile phone and it will go on stealth mode automatically. Now Go to their MocoSpy Online dashboard and navigate to the live screen recorder

Hidden screen recording - Best Hidden screen recorder

Hence it has the features that will let you track the target person screen remotely. Moreover, you will also get an idea about what activities are running in their lives remotely by making short videos. Like if the target person is chatting with someones, then you need to send a command from MocoSpy hidden screen recorder to your target phone remotely. 

Also, it makes you easy to take remote screenshots and it will automatically save them online on the MocoSpy control panel. Hence it will enable you the absurdity that the target person will not be able to know that you are looking at all his details. 

Now send the command from the control panel and within three to four minutes you will get the screen recording of your target phone. You must need to Install MocoSpy spy screen recorder app in your target phone to remotely take screen recording.

hidden screen recording - MocoSpy

Advantages of using MocoSpy the best Hidden screen recorder

The prime reasons that we are recommending you use this application are:

  • Remote screen recording without the target knows about it
  • The recordings or the screenshots will be uploaded on the online control panel remotely as you see  above in the picture. 
  • Complete hidden and always works on stealth mode.
  • The simple and easy Installing.
  • MocoSpy spy screen recording also offering several spying features with best hidden screen recording.

Other features of MocoSpy Best Hidden Screen Recorder

Hence you have already seen several advantages of the spy screen recorder. It is simple and easy to use; therefore, you must get it. Moreover, the installation process is also fast and straightforward; it hardly takes three to five minutes. But to make you more wonder here is some of its top features apart from the hidden screen recording:

  • GPS tracking 

So, MocoSpy won’t only track GPS location of your child, but it will also check the step by step location of your target person. You will know exactly where your child is. Also, you can check his position on real-time maps as well.

  • Read SMS

SMS is the most burning communication nowadays. Therefore, it is necessary if you have this Sms spy in the target person’s cell phone. You will know about every send, receive, and deleted message. 

Sms spy - Sms tracking

  • View call history

Check who they have been calling and who calls them. Get all the details like their phone numbers, contact names, dates, and time with the duration as well. 

Call logs - Read Call logs

  • Read social media messengers.

Monitor all their instant messengers like Facebook, Skype, Facebook, Snapchat, and all other social media apps. Moreover, there is no need to root the device.

Spy on social media - Hidden screen recorder

  • Keylogger

Check all their keystrokes if they are changing any password of any social media application MocoSpy Keylogger tell you what your loved pressing on the key.

Android keylogger

All in all, it is just a brief list, but there is a comprehensive list when it comes to the hidden over the target person so use an android keylogger

All Feature You Will get in a Single APK File

All Feature You Will get in a Single APK File

Get 99+ Features Without Root Android Device


Other Hidden screen recording app in the market

Up till now, you must be very clear that MocoSpy is the best app to bug a cell phone and start making a hidden screen recording, but it is not the only option out in the market. There are some other applications as well for spy screen recording as well. These all are close to the MocoSpy when it comes to efficiency in terms of performance. 

Hidden screen recorder app to bug a cell phone

It is the high tech supported application in the market. It will record the screen, and it will stay hidden for sure. Moreover, this application will come in a simple but attractive interface. Furthermore, it will record the screen in full-screen resolution. 

Furthermore, the duration is one minute, and there is a range of sharing options. However, do not expect its performance to be as practical as the MocoSpy, but anyway, it will get the best job done in most cases. 


Clev guard

There are several applications out in the market anyhow ClaveGuard has left the mark among them all. Also, it is with the number of advanced features, and through them all, you will be able to monitor any target device easily. It is the significant spy screen recorder app that performing as compared to the other app to bug a cell phone available in the market. Again, it might not be easy to use, but you will find the best option.

The One Spy


Hence it is the on-demand application in the market here you only need to send a simple command, and you will be able to record anything online.  It is an excellent spy screen recorder application; however, it lacks some features. Moreover, it is also available at a high price as compared to MocoSpy pricing plans

i keymonitor

iKeymonitor screen recorder

It is the best android monitoring app as well. There are lots of features that you will get from the ikeymonitor offer screen recording feature. Also, if you are aiming to record the screen of the target person remotely, then it might be a not good option but not as effective as the MocoSpy.


Android hidden screen recorder is possible but with only the professional hidden screen recorder As like MocoSpy. Otherwise, you will not be able to find them up to the market option in spy screen recorder. There are several applications online available, but the quality services you will only get from the MocoSpy Cell phone spy app.

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