Myths vs Realities- COVID 19

Are you stuck up into your home and finding a reputable Android spy software to protect your business and your child? Therefore, we have brought the best phone monitoring software for you. So, do not step out when you can control in the comfort of your home with the best Android spy software. It is a must to understand this virus, so read on.

The swift-moving novel coronavirus has relentlessly continued its spread around the world. Daily there are thousands of cases in the report. It is trying to know the global death rate as well. Novel coronavirus as per its identification is a new virus there have not that much studied about it. Thereby, the story makers got their chances to spread some myths that can be not only dangerous but also dangerous too.

Hence it is the life-threatening disease and claims more than millions of lives as far. Thereby, people have no idea what to do or whatnot, and this led them to believe those flying stories with no proof.


COVID 19 is the real deadly virus, and there is not that much that has been studied about it. Because of its terrifying symptoms of being choked breathlessly, it brings some severe aftereffects. Those after-effects primarily include the: double pneumonia and Kawasaki like diseases. That can claim more than a million lives so far. People around the globe were afraid of it amid coronavirus they all got into some months of lockdown. Hence, it gives the lead to “STAY HOME, stays SAFE ” slogans.

Myths about Novel coronavirus

Myths about Novel coronavirus

As it is already the fact above, with the advent of coronavirus, there is a relentless hoax of rumors. These rumors have claimed more than a dozen lives so far. People for the sake of relieving themselves from the weight of being dead left no way, but to believe them. Hence those rumors are not solely to the medical aspects, but there was a high hand of the technology behind it.

Why blame technology here?

So, the point to ponder here is that before the COVID, our world was to face some deadly viruses. History has a long array of some harmful viruses those which have come mysteriously and have gone leaving no cure behind them. Past behind some centuries there was a Black plague which was the rare disease and has remained for years then left with no treatment. There was a 1981 influenza disease, and then SARS, which is famous as a cousin of COVID in the past year from 2002-2003. Then there was a Spanish flu which had also claimed many lives. But it is the technology to blame which has created a massive panic around the globe.

Now let us look what those myths that have been taken a rise recently amid coronavirus were:

· The novel coronavirus is a bioweapon.

Recently many states said that it is the bioweapon that China made to use it as the bioweapon against all rivalry. But all the genetic evidence has proved that it is the naturally occurring virus not more than it. However, there is a Laboratory in Wuhan who has been studying Coronaviruses; in fact, they had a collection of all samples of this deadly virus. However, from analyses that have come forward that it is not any evidence that this virus is like the bioweapon.

· A lot of water and warm tea can make us the virus-free

Since there is the myth that this virus remains for about four days in one’s throat and causes sore throats, before reaching the lungs. Hence drinking lots of water and gargling with salt or vinegar can make us virus-free. However, the reality is that it causes a sore throat and warm water will make you feel better. But it has not a direct effect on the virus.

· Children are immune

It is also the myth that children are immune to the virus. But according to a study in China, children are also affected as adults. However, they are not just symptomatic. Hence opening schools considering that or letting them out in the crowd cannot be a good idea. Since they are active drivers, it is hard to spot them. 

Therefore, they can cause others to get a virus and lead them to ventilators sometimes. However, in extreme cases, as the aftereffects of this deadly virus are not that good; therefore, they can create Kawasaki in children.

Many hospitals of New York have also reported several cases of this rare disease among children.

· Boosting immune by intaking some natural eateries

It is another myth that arises in the times of COVID 19. According to this one, you can boost your immune system after having sweet potatoes and taking Vitamin supplements. Other than that, you can also avert the disease with the help of taking colloidal silver as well. Hence there is no evidence that you can boost immunity with sweet potatoes. Or you are taking such supplements.

· Avoiding virus with warm water after every 15 mins

You can avoid the virus after drinking warm water every 15 minutes. Hence memes are rolling around the internet that there is also the claim that if people drink cold water, then their lungs will get fibrotic. Therefore, it is the intense stress from the medical experts that there is no evidence to support these claims.

· Overcome it with Chloroquine phosphate

You can treat yourself with the help of chloroquine phosphate, which is the additive to clean the fish tanks as well, since due to some evidence that hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine have been the possible treatment of this disease. However, the fish tanks using phosphates are not for human use. Since it is the potential treatment of Malaria, but it can be the legal poison to intake on your own if you do not take it with the prescription of a doctor. Neither data has shown that much reality with it.

Coronavirus and working from home

Hence this working form has roared some spams, and not maintaining productivity in the case. Most of the employees are not able to manage due to work from home both simultaneously. Most of the mothers must sacrifice their jobs due to a load of work and home simultaneously. Many careless employees have got a chance to lay down all-time on their beds but demanding a handful of pay at the time of the month.

If you are facing the same, then it is best to use the Android spy software-MocoSpy.

Online classes- Android spy software

Hence you might be wondering what the connection is. So, you are thinking that your child is taking the classes. But how can you assert maybe he is taking advantage of these scenarios and doing some harmful activity online. Theodore, a reputable cell phone spy app for android is the must.


All in all, it is the pandemic and the wrong time for all of us. It is wise to stay at home as much as you can. Moreover, it is also good not to step out if it is not required. Wearing a mask can also reduce the chances to get contracted with this virus. However, it is the must that one must look for the reputable Android spy software that can mobile phone surveillance, which can assure your business and child security.

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