Are Android Users Honest More than iOS Users

It is the common belief that a car can tell you many things about the owner, then why not smartphones? It is the most personal and associated thing we hold. 

Hence, as per the agenda, who is more honest among Android or iOS holders. Then obviously, it is Android cell phone users, and why we are saying this, we will be showing you here in this article with proper evidence with their characters and personality traits. Hence, to know more about this, read on!

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What research says?

Several cell phone analysts studied Android and iOS users’ behavior and their preferences, habits, and location. However, it is hard for them to find any connection between mobile choice and personality. Anyhow, British psychology finds the vast scale of differences among the characters of iPhone users and androids. The latest and detailed research has been established on the current paper, which defines the individual and personality differences. 

According to the paper, people have pointed out several differences between Android and iPhone users in the form of; extraversion, honesty-humility, conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness, uniqueness, or their cell phone is the symbol of their status. 

Personality traits of iPhone users

iPhone users are more likely to be extroverts, with strong desires to get social status and an out-going personality. It is because they see their cell phones as a symbol of societal luxury. In addition to this, they are sportier and trendier, which can be linked with the latest fashion.

Furthermore, they are more likely to be sporty and active. Therefore, you always see them on their cell phones at the gym. 

Hence, according to the research, iPhone holders are mostly younger females, and they are concerned about their status and their object. 

· Insecurities 

According to the research, iPhone users are more anxious about their appearances and can do anything to pay for their insecurities. However, if this finding is a thing in the real world, job hunters need to think about this twice when handling cash or doing their service role. 

· Honesty, humility, and emotionally

Moreover, the critical difference is that iPhone users have higher levels of emotionality and lower honesty-humility levels. 

Android users 

In contrast, it is to believe that the Android owners are more likely to be male, more honest, older, more agreeable, and easily break the rules for their gains. Furthermore, they are less interested in status and wealth. 

Most Android users barely get affected by what others think about them. Furthermore, they can be any sort of person; extrovert, introvert, and ambivert. 

· Honesty 

Furthermore, the results show that Android users have higher honesty, agreeableness, and openness to personality traits. However, they are less extroverted than iPhone users. Furthermore, there is less sense of humiliation with Android users. 

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Capabilities of Android and iPhone users 

· Core demographics

Android cell phones currently have the world’s largest platform of cellular services. Most of them are from lower-income and developing nations. On the other hand, iOS users are the ones who possess more income.

Hence, the data is merely indicative without affecting general Android populations. But the world’s 80% population is the Android users.

· Approach to technology

Hence, iOS users are quickly technology adopted people, and as per research, they are loyal to Apple. Furthermore, they are 100% likely to own Mac computers, opposite to the Android users. However, on the other hand, Android users are mostly late adopters and less like to adapt to technology. Furthermore, they own only computers.

Moreover, they hold a full-featured device at the expense of cell phone appearance. In addition to this, they are likely to use Yahoo Mail instead of getting the email domain with work on their website. 

· Notifications behavior

It can sound fascinating that simple actions like pushing notifications can significantly contribute to the iOS and Android systems. About 3.5% of the Android users mostly open the push notifications options. On the other hand, only 1.8% of iOS open them. One of the reasons is transparency till the users act on them. 

· In-app retention and engagement

iPhone users are mostly engaging with their smartphone’s apps for more than nine more hours than Android users. Hence, in a way, you need to consider what is the level of your productivity while working with your cell phones. Therefore, it means more to you. ..

When to prefer which one?

With the advent of Google play store and Apple App Store, and you can take the hybrid approach while choosing among both on different platforms. Furthermore, most apps can work correctly in either way. However, it is easier to build the upfront instead of depending on one app store and then going for others over time. 

Following are the points that you must keep in your mind:

· User-friendly interface 

From the developers’ perspective and the more user-friendly, you must consider the Android user experience. Using guarantee with reliable durability are the features that makes difference here. Using the Android platform gives you access to most of its features ceasing the difficulty level.

· Spending 

If you have some of their insecurities, it will be a better option to go for the iPhone. 


Hence, the above conclusions have been derived after asking the 240 smartphone owners to describe iPhone and Android owners’ natures. Also, with the help of a 530 questionnaire survey to test each group member against such an issue, to drive the conclusion that Android users are more honest than iPhone’s.  

Hopefully, now, you have gotten the people preferencing over Android and iPhone. Moreover, the fact that iPhone users are only honest with their iPhone company. But for the more generous coverage of applications and features, one must be opting the Android. However, the developer’s engagement rates are also depending on the user’s actions.

Also, mostly the applications are compatible with the Android users friendly and extensive platform. Therefore, you can find a broad audience there.

In a nutshell, people who are using Android are more honest. This is because of the personality trait and the diversifications of applications and features services. 

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