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Best Parental Control Apps for Android in 2020

To locate the best parental control applications we sat down and invested energy setting up various forms, testing them as both parents and kids, and afterward looking at what we loved and what we thought could be better. On our hands-on testing, we directed concentrated examination diving into each application’s highlights, costs, similarity, and client desire. We additionally took a gander at what different specialists needed to state about each parental control apps we considered.

Arrangement and establishment: That it was so natural to introduce on various gadgets. How much time it took and whether any issues surfaced.

  • Execution: Did the application does what it should do? Would it be simple for children to work around it?
  • Highlights: What additional highlights were accessible, and did they convey as guaranteed?

About Parental Spyware

The entirety of the parental control channels we suggest is checking apparatuses that let you set cutoff points and watch out for your kid’s online movement. There are different items out there that are intended for the secretive perception of your child’s pursuit propensities, messaging, and so on in a word spy. This spyware lets you see what’s happening without your kids knowing.

We suggest having secure communication with your kid to help cultivate and support great online propensities. So that you use spyware to follow your kid’s online exercises covertly, you are passing up to give them genuine instruments that will assist them with remaining safe online for a lifetime.

Top Parental Control Spyware

· MocoSpy 

MocoSpy is the most straightforward parental control application we gave it a shot, yet it conveys impressive safety. It utilizes a high calculation that looks for notice signs in online posts, messages, instant messages, and photographs.

That degree of oversight sounds obtrusive. However, MocoSpy cautions you just to posts or pics that it hails as conceivably perilous. This allows you to remain checked out what’s new with your kids without making them hand over their mobile for investigation. Since you get particular cautions to clear notice signs, you can address each issue with your kid.

We like that MocoSpy energizes proactive parental commitment, not merely more extensive parental control. What’s more, the organization utilizes kids’ clinicians to furnish parents with counsel and proposals about how to manage any frightening circumstances that surface.

MocoSpy is the most cost-effective option for every person. Even though we think it captures everyone’s attention with regards to online life observing, MocoSpy is feeling the loss of a couple of highlights we anticipate from a parental control application, similar to screen time checking and a substance channel.


  • Simple to utilize
  • Ready to recognize hazardous conduct
  • Loaded with guidance to help guardians and children
  • Prepared to caution you if it’s uninstalled

Features of MocoSpy

  • Email observing

Get cautions if concerning things are recognized in your kids’ email accounts. You can spy on Incoming & outgoing emails.

  • Text observing

Know whether troubling messages appear in your child’s instant track messages on their cell phone or tablet and texts on different stages.

  • Hidden Screen Recorder

Record anytime anywhere your target phone screen is hidden. Just go to their super panel and start the hidden screen recording. It will start the recording on your target phone screen and will upload in 2/3 mins on Super panel.


Qustodio is one of the most far-reaching parental control app accessible, and we like that you can pick between a let loose fundamental form or pay to get to add highlights. You can evaluate all the top-notch highlights for a three-day time frame, which is pleasant yet additionally the briefest time for testing we’ve seen. One of our most loved Qustodio highlights is the signal for emergency response. Children can get to the message for emergency response through the Qustodio application on their cell phones. At the point when they hit the catch, you get a moment alarm caution and gratitude to the area following. You can pinpoint precisely where your child is the point at which they call for help.

Qustodio has progressed Facebook observing and gives you full of your kid’s informing. Furthermore, if your kids have an Android mobile, you can follow calls and messages and square any gets in touch with you esteem unseemly. So that you have a few kids you need to monitor, Qustodio offers designs that spread somewhere in the range of five and 15 gadgets. Qustodio’s substance sifting and web blocking is more refined than some others we’ve seen, which is the reason we suggest it for teenagers and more wise children who may attempt to discover a workaround.


  • Tracking location
  • Signal for an emergency response
  • Screen time observing
  • Web sifting and blocking
  • 30-day unconditional promise


  • Not perfect with antivirus programming
  • Short premium time for testing


  • Content screening

A continuous web channel squares wrong substance and sex entertainment regardless of whether your kid is in private perusing mode.

  • Screen Time

Set cutoff points on time spent in specific applications or games, and survey an action course of events that shows you precisely where your kiddos are investing their energy on the web.

  • Online checking

Perceive how much time your kid is spending on Social media organizations.

  • Site Blocker

Square access to chosen site classes, and get cautions if somebody gets to other dangerous destinations (like visit rooms) that may not be on the blocked rundown.

  • Signal for an emergency response

Notwithstanding the area following programming, Qustodio gives you the consolation of an emergency signal in the application that gives your child a direct line to help.

Net Caretaker

Net Caretaker offers a lot of highlights and has solid notoriety, however arrangement is a battle, and it costs somewhat more than some different choices out there. In our testing, Net Caretaker was the most troublesome parental control application to set up it took nearly 60 minutes to get it fully operational on only one gadget. When Net Babysitter was introduced, we were intrigued by the fact that it was so natural to square access to specific sites and applications, and the remote break highlight was a success.


  • Geniuses
  • Remote break
  • Broad reports and logs
  • Exhaustive parental dashboard
  • Area tracker
  • Demonstrated erotic entertainment blocker
  • Costly cost
  • No web-based life checking
  • Confounded arrangement

Top-notch features

  • Content Separating

You don’t need to channel each unseemly thing on the web physically. Net Caretaker utilizes ongoing checking to watch new locales and square them in a split second on the off chance that they appear to be dubious.

  • Screen time executives

Timetable online time for your kids consistently, or give them a day by day or week after week remittance of time that they can use at their attentiveness. If they go through the entirety of their time too rapidly, they’ll gain proficiency with a great deal about better time the executives.

  • Remote break

You can stop or square access to the web. This element worked in a flash in our tests, and we believe it’s an incredible method to strengthen screen time rules.

  • Erotic entertainment blocker

Square erotic entertainment and shield your kid from inadvertent presentation to adult content.

  • Location tracking

Never again wonder if your child is genuinely on their path home from school. Net Caretaker utilizes your kids’ cell phones or tablets to track their GPS area.


Kaspersky conveys a ton with ease. We envision that the vast majority needn’t bother with that much assurance. However, we like that Kaspersky makes it simple for groups of any size to bear the cost of parental control security.

One of Kaspersky’s most inventive highlights is low battery cautions. At the point when your kid’s phone needs a charge, you get a notice. If implies no more “my cell phone kicked the bucket” pardons when you inquire as to why your kiddo disregarded your call or instant message. We like that there’s a free form accessible. However, it’s incredibly fundamental—so that you need more than a substance channel and screen time the executives, you’ll need to move up to the superior arrangement.

Best parental control apps 2020


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