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This is the age of technology and at this digital age, it is very difficult to keep children away from smartphones, because these have become a need of the hour. They are very helpful in education for children. Smartphones, tablets, and computers are very much involved in education. These devices have made the educational process much easier. By using them, students can create their own worksheets.  , Help a lot in projects and homework, etc. Nowadays the effective educational process is very difficult without these tools.

While these devices have so many advantages, their disadvantages cannot be denied.

Activities of Boys and Girls on Smart Phones and Other Gadgets

In daily study work, Students use different chat boxes such as Messenger, WhatsApp, and IMO and many other platforms on their smartphones to contact their friends, class fellows, and teachers for discussion about their studies and the problems they faced during studies. It is a healthy activity to improve their learning. They share their ideas and views with each other.

What do the Children Away from their Parents

Some boys and girls use their smartphones and other gadgets to chat with their friends secretly. In starting they just chat about explicit content they watch accidentally or visited porn websites intentionally, but with the passage of time, they become addicted. At last, they chat openly about sex. Children, especially those in their mid-twenties, are more interested in such activities as they are friends with boys and girls of the same age.  At this age, children are generally ignorant.  Phone conversations later take on the wrong way and they keep sending inappropriate and objectionable content to each other. In this case, they also talk to each other on sexual topics.  They find pleasure in it like using drugs, and gradually their conversation escalates to the point where they start sending nude and inappropriate pictures to each other.

And sometimes they send their own objectionable pictures to each other. They also send videos to each other.  Some even go so far as to show each other their private body parts in a video call that causes them moral ruin.  And lose everything.

Disasters of Sharing Explicit Content on Instant apps.

If the content they send gets into the hands of a dangerous group or a dangerous person. They can use this content for their own wrong purposes.  It can damage your reputation or threaten you with extortion and demand money from you, in which case you will have no choice but to leave a scar on you.

There can be many disadvantages to boys and girls being involved in such evils as cyberbullying.  It becomes more and more difficult to save.

One of the disadvantages of this is that the boy and the girl do not pay full attention to their studies. As a result, they fail and thus cause embarrassment to themselves, their families, and their parents. each other’s content, in which case the symbol of society will become their destiny.

Why Children Do So?

The big question here is why do they do that?  While at home they are very well educated.  The answer is that if we take a closer look at the media and the internet, we find that the media and the internet are full of content that causes confusion child trafficking and sexual arousal. These boys and girls with raw minds are very much affected by this material and if they are not properly supervised, these youngsters easily get lost and get involved in bad habits. In schools, colleges, and universities, these children are found talking to their friends about these topics. When friendship is with the opposite sex, these feelings grow even more.

Do what parents need to do know?

Do what parents need to do know?

Protect them by using a hidden monitoring app

Monitoring App

The Role of Parents

In such a case, the parents and the head of the household have a great responsibility to keep a close eye on their children and keep an eye on their activities on their use of smartphones, tablets, and computers, as well as their behavior. Pay special attention to the change in their behavior in such a situation is a clear indication that the young boy or a girl must be suffering from some unusual situation.

If we look at our society, we find that our society has a co-education system in many educational institutions, schools, colleges, and universities, etc. It is a natural process, that man is more attractive to the opposite sex. Due to this education system, the disease is gaining momentum. Educational institutions are playing a key role in furthering the disease.

What should parents do in this busy time?  How to get out of this situation? What activities their children are doing on the Instant apps like Facebook, WhatsApp & Tinder? What do they search for? What do they see?  How do they spend their time on these devices?  What type of people do they talk to? And what kind of content do they send to their friends?

Capture Screenshot Remotely

Therefore, parents should take concrete steps to protect their children from this horrible situation. The first thing to do is to shift their computer to a place where it can be seen coming and going and the parents themselves.  Keep an eye on what their child is watching on the computer, what kind of content they are reviewing. Secondly, parents should keep checking their children’s mobile phones regularly.  That’s the decent thing to do, to prevent their kid from the harm of this disease. 

  • Parents must have a tool that helps them to keep the monitor their children using high tech tools to spy on WhatsApp
  • That helps them to find out what’s going on on their children’s gadgets.
  • Listen to their calls to protect them from bullying
  •  In this way, they can better correct and educate their children.

There many monitory and tracking software and apps available in the market. This software can track and monitor each activity on the all-digital devices of your kids. That way you can save your children from going to disaster and can play their role more effectively for their next generation.

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