Digital Distractions Harming Productivity – How to Deal with Employees

Smartphones are ubiquitous nowadays. Whether people are at their work, the class they love to check their social media, notifications, emails, and newsfeed. These things may seem fair. However, in the digital workplace, they sound like digital distractions. Moreover, the latest concern arises from the attention of many office workers that digital distractions are causing harm to productivity at their workplace. 

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Digital distractions are hunting worker’s intelligence.

Experts found that digital distractions are affecting office productivity to a greater extent. Hence such types of distractions are reducing the IQ levels of people at work.

Moreover, it has been researched that people are checking their cell phones every minute or two in at least seven minutes.

Moreover, it has been compared with the people who have uninterrupted brains who are boosting their performance by no interruptions. Furthermore, the experts believe that losing the momentum with digital distractions is equivalent to losing one-night sleep, or it can be twice the adverse effect of marijuana. Moreover, such workplace digital disruption is even hard to recover. 

How long will it take to recover?

The research found that it mostly takes 30 minutes to recover after such an interruption. Moreover, there is another research of technology on productivity. It shows that multitasking dealing with technology such as productivity is increased.

On the other hand, the digital distraction at the workplace can affect overall productivity. Moreover, it could lead to the chances of human errors as well. 

How to improve digital distractions in the workplace?

All the studies have revealed the dark sides of the technologies, which can hurt productivity and productivity growth. In this way, tasks are completed in more time than they must take.

Moreover, the studies also suggest that one must monitor the employees’ performance with the help of those tracking tools. 


Every company, either small or large, should learn how to deal with digital distractions. Hence the only way to do it is to introduce the policies that could prohibit smartphones in-class time. In this way, productivity can improve to a greater extent. However, it also has some issues. Moreover, employees can even waste their working hours roaming around the internet. 

Digital distraction and human errors 

Most people will not realize it in the beginning. Moreover, in early timelines, people can use it to increase their productivity at their workplace. However, with time, you can even use technology to improve your distraction while at the workplace.

However, in some cases, such distractions can hurt growth and productivity due to the burden.

Defeating distractions

You might wonder that it can be solved without eliminating cell phones from one’s life since technology is essential for employee satisfaction. If they use it wisely, then it can have productive effects on some people’s lives. Other than that, they can allot time in a specific block of the day. The block in which they work and the time in which they can check emails. 

In addition to this, one can use the Pomodoro Technique to enjoy the interrupted period for better technology use. It is the technique that is designed to produce a more constructive outcome with interrupted short breaks. It is the only way through which one can control the urge to check their cell phone. On the other hand, one can use one minute to check the email and 15 minutes to get to the work. In this way, you are more relieved and can focus more. 

· The outlook email rules

In this way, you can only keep the emails that have some significance for you. The rest you can send to some alternate inboxes. Or you can direct the team to attend only the today marked in subject emails. In this way, they can only respond to those who demand the most preference. Also, it would help if you directed your team that they need to prioritize their email and assist the managers in setting the work for all the teams to handle both external and internal messages. 

More tips to reduce distractions

  • If you cannot control your sensory, then you can even hunt your mental energy. In this way, you can become more vulnerable to drain your energy. In this way, it is better to turn off the email notifications. 
  • Prioritize your work and put away your employee’s devices
  • Set up an alert to make then more focused on their work

More tips to reduce the distraction

Track employee’s work performance to increase their productivity.

It is the reason, along with all those reasons. If employees do not have to be checked by someone, then it could ultimately haunt your productivity. Also, the companies could take help from the employee tracking system, which could eventually boost your productivity. 

MocoSpy the best productivity booster for Employers

The best solution to all these problems is to use Android spy software to monitor employees’ activities remotely. Hence to promote the productivity culture, employers can use MocoSpy employees monitoring software. MocoSpy will lead the employers to monitor their employee’s actions, and it also shows how much time they are spending on performance throughout the week or month. 

Android spy software has a wide range of features that could make employees phone monitoring software even more result-oriented. You can track the phone and internet history, and only after some five days, you will feel the vast difference in curbing your office’s unproductive culture. Also, performance uplifts with the help of this software. 

How to get MocoSpy software?

You can quickly get the employee’s phone monitoring software by following the simple steps:

  • First, you need to subscribe from the official website of MocoSpy.
  • Then you must download the employee monitoring software in your employee’s devices. 
  • After installation of the phone monitoring software, you can get the access key from the MocoSpy team in a welcome email.
  • Once you are done with the employee tracking app access, you need to go on MocoSpy control panel to remotely watch your employee’s activity.


Several studies have shown that digital distraction could destroy productivity. Moreover, digital distraction can even lead you to get lower IQ levels by a few points. You can solve this with the help of employees monitoring that is MocoSpy. It will help the employees to resist the usage of phones and will ultimately boost your company productivity.

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