Digital World worse for teens than the real world
Digital World Worse for Teens than the Real World?

More than half of the world’s parents are concerned that their children are addicted to their cell phones. Therefore, they are worried about the digital consequences on their mental health. Furthermore, according to the research, each day passes with cell

Technology & Teens - Make your Teens Responsible Technology User
Make your teens responsible User of Technology

With the spread of technology, things have gone beyond our control. Also, every parent has this concern that their kids spend more and more time on technology than they should. Though being tech-savvy is crucial nowadays, using technology responsibly is

Daily Violent Video Games and Aggression in Teenage
Daily Violent Video Games and Aggression in Teenag...

When your child is exposed to foul or swearing language online on games. It ultimately led children to aggression in their teenage years. According to some research: When your children are watching and listening to the aggressive language, it eventually

Sexting facts - Digital Parenting - MocoSpy
Sexting Explicit: What Parents Need to Know

Sexting is the combination of two words that are sex and texting. It is commonly sharing explicit messages between the text messages. Primarily between the cell phones. Photos or videos can have adult content, which is mostly sent to kids

18+ WhatsApp group link Reaction to Digital Parenting​
18+ WhatsApp group link: Reaction to Digital Paren...

Nowadays, it is the WhatsApp which is the most active app on the device; in fact, it has crossed the importance of Facebook and Instagram as well. Hence it is shocking that nowadays most of the messages are sent through

Me-too Sexual Harassment Truth & Reality
Me too Sexual Harassment Truth & Reality

Back in times, it was Tirana Burke who started the Me too campaign for about more than ten years. Also, after the eight years of the first movement, then it was the actress Alyssa Milano who take this movement all

Chat Box or Death Box_ What is reality_
Chat Box or Death Box? What is a naked reality?

This is the age of technology and at this digital age, it is very difficult to keep children away from smartphones, because these have become a need of the hour. They are very helpful in education for children. Smartphones, tablets,

Playing Sex Games are Hurting Childs Brain- Prevention_
Youngsters are Addicted to Sex Games – Preve...

We all have heard about the addiction. Moreover, there are some great addictions like drugs, habits, and alcohol addictions. But do you know there is some new sort of addiction which is roaming around the world of youngsters nowadays? This

How to set child lock on Samsung phone for parental control
How to set child lock on Samsung phone for parenta...

In an ideal, Samsung mobile phone, the most used mobile phone in the world. The top-rated parental control app. will look after your youngsters for those who are clumsy. No matter if they are conducting research for a school venture,

Best Parental Control Apps for Android in 2020 - Parental spy - protect teens
Best Parental Control Apps for Android in 2020

Are you finding the best parental control apps? We sat down and invested energy setting up to Find Best Parental control apps. Execution: Would it be simple to install the parental control app in target cell phones? or can I



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