Digital World worse for teens than the real world

More than half of the world’s parents are concerned that their children are addicted to their cell phones. Therefore, they are worried about the digital consequences on their mental health. Furthermore, according to the research, each day passes with cell phones, making our teenagers more technology addicted, lazy, and unable to function in the real world. 

Furthermore, according to the survey, most of the children of the 18 are facing mental disorders. Moreover, most of the smartphones have indeed into their heads. 

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How is the digital world awful for teens?

· Creating depression 

Technology creating serious mental health problems in teens like depression. Furthermore, it is smartphones and social media that is creating anxiety and stress for teens. It is mostly the teens who are struggling with their offline lives, finding it hard to navigate online ones too. Hence, they cannot find a way to use the internet more safely. 

· No emotional connection 

Most of the teens will not feel any emotional consent with anyone. Also, they mostly end all their relationships on cell phones without getting any guilt.

It is because the chats on social media lack enthusiasm or emotion for the second person. Hence, there is the ambiguity to know if they mean what they say. 

· Can easily make anyone hurtful

Online breakups and the ending relationships are getting very common. One can easily end the relationships online, and they do not care about the other person’s feelings. Also, online bully is another common issue that is rising too much among teens. 

· Decreases face to face communication skills

Mostly the computer reliance has hurt the person’s ability to face to face communication skills. Hence, it is awkward for the person to respond face to face to a person rather than the thought full message on chat. What do you think? It is all due to the one dependence on the keyboard for the communication

· Inauthentic feelings and expressions 

Social media and the digital world have cut the charm of a smile, laughter by expressions like LOL and “Ha-ha.” It now becomes second nature, and now it is used when the second person is not even smiling. 

· Vanishes thoughtfulness and understanding 

The quality of the conversation has been dropped due to the inception of social networking. Furthermore, teens are spending too much time online that they hardly understand real-world feelings. 

· Reduces family closeness 

Mostly, social media lifestyles have rescued all the family closeness even more than we think. When most of the members watch television in their lounge, mostly teens are scrolling down to social media. 

· Increase distractions

When the cell phone is around your teens, it mostly feels that something is happening around you. Furthermore, social media is a way that can make you feel popular, and it can create so much discretion. Repetitive notifications are the source of problems for one’s discipline. 


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