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In today’s world, hacking someone’s phones are not that easy task; there are lots of complications that can occur. It requires lots of time and hard work to hack some gadgets. Now, if you are the business fir maker or the employee-manager, then how you will do that? It is so hard for you to that. But by the innovation of Spying app like the MocoSpy, everything is just in your hand. You can sneak into your target phone so easily. Other than that, it is very easy for you to get the work done so efficiently that most of the employees will be prudent before they commit any crime for you. Even for the busy person who does not have any technical background can make things so fast and so easy to do. Other than that, you can do so quietly that none of your staff could have the idea. Moreover, MocoSpy is serving you with the number of advanced features that can make things so easy and handy that you can ever imagine


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Valued Features By Employee Tracking System


Protect your business from the spies over the emails. Most of the businesses are using their emails as the foremost communication medium. It is the reason that most of the employees can make spies through emails, so this email tracking software is imperative.

Call Recorder

Record the calls of your employees to get to know about the things that your employees are talking about through the cell phones. It is the best feature and you can also get to know about  their online activities in no time.

Surround Listening

Listen to their surrounding voices of your target phone by using hidden surround voices. Protect your loved ones from bad guys.

GPS location

Track the exact location of your employees  and search what they are doing and to whom they are meeting. GPS location tracking is the best features that can assist you to employees timely.

Text Messages

Most of the employees are also using the mediums of SMS to spy over your company personal data and it is why text messages can be tracked timely to save yourself from the bigger loss.


Keystrokes are imperative to protect your business from a bigger loss. Maybe your employees are chatting with some codes to some third parties and therefore android keylogger is imperative.

Track Social media Without Root

Skype Screen Recorder

Skype is one of the instant messaging, call and sharing app, it is what makes It so handy to use there by skype screen recorder is imperative in every case when it is the matter of spying.

Viber Screen Recorder

Viber is one of the best applications and most of the employees must it as well. But to stop them from sharing the confidential details to someone strange it is better to have the Viber screen recorder with you.

Twitter Screen Recorder

Twitter offers so much to its user and it is the reason why some people took the major disadvantage of the twitter application. But you do not need to be worry about the twitter screen recorder of the MocoSpy.

Snapchat Screen Recorder

Snap Chat sieves with the best features and streaks but it can violate your office productivity. Therefore, it is better to be with the snapchat screen recorder.

Instagram Screen Recorder

Instagram screen recorder prevent your employees from wasting their hours on Instagram scrolling, in no time. Instagram screen recorder is the best application and serves its user in every case.

WhatsApp Screen Recorder

WhatsApp is the instant messaging and best application that can serve to share the document over it. To protect your employees from sharing some of the important information over it is best to get spy on WhatsApp without root.

How MocoSpy Helpful to Track Employees?

This is the trickiest part of all that, after all, how you can manage the team that well. In such cases, there must be a spying app that can save you from such casualties. You can have a clear look at their WhatsApp, browsing history,  and the advance features like the Hidden video recording and by having control of their gallery photos as well. In this way, none of your employees can imagine ditching you. So why are you waiting for just on and hit get you are app. It is so easy to download it as well. All you need to do is to register it and go ahead. We can understand that it is very hard to have such complicated things to have. Other than that, there is nothing that can make your business go down apart from the disloyal staff, and for that MocoSpy  have assisted you already.

Track Employe GPS location

Monitor Social Media Using Screen Recorder


Protect your office productivity by stopping your employees from wasting their hours over the internet. Snapchat spy app offers the best feature that protects your business environment from harmful activities.


WhatsApp offers a lot to it users, sharing the document, messaging, and calling too. It is why it is recommended to enjoy the best features ineffectively. You can avail a lot with the help of the WhatsApp spy app without rooting it.


Instagram is the best feature and it can serve its user a lot. You can enjoy scrolling it to a greater extent. It is why the Instagram hacking app is crucial maybe it is harming the employee’s productivity.


Facebook is an amazing application and it can give a lot of entertainment to its users in most regards. Facebook spying is crucial in many ways.  Either to protect your business environment or others.


Save your business to going into the greater loss after having the complete look over the employee’s productivity hours. Check through YouTube spying feature if he/she is wasting his hours on Facebook.


Boost productivity and protect your business from getting spammed over the internet. It is the reason that messenger spying is crucial for you and for your business too.

GPS tracker - GPS location tracker - Android spying software

Keep An Eye on Their Live GPS Location

In such regards, you must check the GPS Location tracker & specifications of the apps that can assist you in every regard. You can’t take it so lightly as that is your firm, and you have created it by taking so many risks and hard work. so there is no reason to deny that fact that you actually need the assistance of the employee tracking app- that must be the MocoSpy.

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