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If you look at the employee’s working status, then you will be surprised to know that most of the employees are wasting their bulk time in different activities. Moreover, there are many of the things that cause problems related to different work as well. It is because most of the jobs now are depending on online tools, therefore it is very hard for the companies to do such online chores in the perfect manner. Like whenever they will open the computer ultimately, they will find the number of statuses that will create a certain level of distractions. Also, most of them are not working in the right form. Other than that, there are several times wasters who will be working around the net and causes the time wasters.


Even there has been the big research that was conducted online and as a result, it has been found out that there is the severity of the time-wasters out there. Moreover, we are entirely depended on the series of smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Hence these are the amazing invention for them for the employers, in this way most employers can take their work anywhere with them easily. Moreover, 64% of the employers claim that they have been visiting the non-work websites for a significant time per day. Hence, it is good for various days. It is the reason that most of them were spending time online and creating a significant problem related to that.

Time wastage of employment

Almost for about 2/3 of the employees are wasting time online. Moreover, 30% of the employees claim that they are spending less than an hour on work and other associated items.


Hence it followed the 29% of the person who is spending 2Hrs on work and wasting all the time on computers wandering here and there. Other than that, 21% of people are spending 5 hours per week online. Other than that, only 3% of people are spending 10 hours online.

The distraction of the workplace

We have asked almost 3200 persons that how time are they spending online on work. Hence most of the respondents that most of the time spend the time-wasting on checking their emails, searching other useless ids, and checking the person emails as well. Not only this even some of the employees love to spend the money online in the shopping as well.

Hence it is not that wrong that it is Facebook which is at top of the list. Most of the people are spending almost spending around 41% of their time there. Then it is followed up by 37% of the LinkedIn, 31 % of Google+ and 25 % online shopping. However, twitter ranked at the bottom it is because of its own reasons. However, Pinterest is also garnishing a lot of attention from there.

Why waste time?

So, the foremost reason that employees do that is that they are underpaid, this is the wrong perception that most of the people have created at work with no base. Hence it is the reason that the proper care is crucial to check that. Thereby it is the must thing to check what might be the case. hence in this regard, only 18% of the employees do that. 35% which is the significant difference do that it is because they are not facing that much challenging. The other 34 % believe that they do it as they have the plentiful time to work and it is the reason that procrastination occurs, the other 32% of people believe that there is no incentive to work harder. Other than that, 32% of the people feel that they are unsatisfied and there is no one to look over them. Not only this other 23 % believe that that they do it because they are getting bored at work.

Types of the employees & how they are wasting their time

There are almost 69% of the men who are using the internet for wasting time purpose other 62% of the women do that daily. Moreover, young workers will believe that they are wasting time online. Other 26 to 35% of the peers are topped in doing that as well.

How to make employees work?

So, the best way to do that is to notify them that they will be monitored if they are not improving themselves. Hence it is a good thing to check them and therefore it is best to get the reputed spying application online. In this regard, the Employee monitoring app is the best one to go to. Due to this application, you will be able to track your employee’s performance and can also track them while they are on work it will make them work in the effective form as well. Tracking employees is the most important when you are running the business. Another side you will be able to suffer a lot in your firm.

Choosing the right spy app will let you check their activities in no time. Moreover, you will be able to get the entire notification in your hand. Also, with the application, you can also track the numbers on which your employees are talking. In this way, you will be able to check all the details in your hand in the perfect manner moreover you will not be get ditched any sort of spams, or spies online. Hence it is the best way to increase the protection when you have given the task to your employees.


Employees are the real asset of the company, and their grooming is being the leader is on you. It is the reason for the protection of your business and other basics demand it is the must thing to go for the spy app for android, with the best features like hidden screen recording, sound recording, and the screenshots, keyloggers you can get every detail of them to you. Once you will download it on your cell phone then there is not the problem of anything.

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