EULA Policy

Read it carefully before heading for the downloading of the applications. You must need to approve this context before going for this software. Do not go for downloading if you do not agree with the terms and conditions of MocoSpy software

According to its terms, you are responsible for the legal requirements of MocoSpy software. Or, if it is on your name, then you cannot give it to someone else. In no case, prohibited use of this application is allowed. Using unauthorized software may lead you to a troublesome situation later.

· Use of MocoSpy

It is the violation of the law if you are downloading the surveillance software of the phone, installing it wrongly, or you are processing it in the wrong way. Every use of such surveillance software must be in the circumference of the legal authorities, or it will consider as the violation of the law.

Surveillance is not allowed in any way, either it is the case of federal, local, and state regulations. Also, you need to alert the person older than 18 that he/she is watching. Moreover, every consent to use such an application must be in the lawsuit manner.

· Rights

We are giving you the privilege to use the MocoSpy with the prescribed limit of the contract and the fee alter for the years you want to use it.

· Acknowledgment

  1. The user must inform the person either that is the staff member or your child. That person must check that he or she will be tracked, controlled, and there will be access to their devices. Moreover, you can have a complete check on the applications of their cell phones like email, text messages, and many others.
  2. Everything will be according to the law and regulations, including the identity, monitoring, control of the software, and no use of the software must be a part of the law and regulations. All such things must include everything that includes the guidelines, statutes, government regulations, and other rules.
  3. The user must be installed the software on the program, owned by customers, and the owner of the device has guaranteed users explicitly. The permission and it also includes the consent to installations. The user is not permitted to have access to this software on the devices that do not have access to users or for which access authorization has not been guaranteed.
  4. Users can only use this software in the software with the accounting system or service for cloud-based or other trackers that will not be deployed on the machine. Users can have the lawful right to have access to it.
  5. The third parties must agree to users that this device must not be given to any third party, and no code, email, or system that is under this software must be leaked.
  6. Users must sign the consent that no third party can get the information from the software’s device, application, account, or on the system on which the software is installed.

· Prohibitions

You are not allowed to share the MocoSpy with our authorizations. It will violate the law and order situation in the country.

You can change or alter any of the data from the MocoSpy. Neither you can dismantle, reverse engineer, and decompile any of the code. Moreover, you are not allowed to evaluate or seek to extract the source logic or code of the software except for the specific purpose authorized by the authorizations.

You are not allowed to use the MocoSpy for the reason to compete with us. Also, that includes any of the collection of strategic intelligence without any restrictions.

· Consent of MocoSpy users

You know that MocoSpy will use any of the relevant and technical information that includes all the systems, software, technical data, and the peripheral, which is linked with the licensed software, technical support, and other software upgrades.

Other than that, MocoSpy will allow us to use its information for the betterment of its services and is also willing to provide you all the recourses technology until it does not violate your identity. Moreover, MocoSpy will only reveal your identity in only extreme cases that are also mentioned in your privacy policy.

· Consent of the MocoSpy

Use MocoSpy at your own risk. The services might not be assured all the guarantees that are inferred or articulate in any of the safeguards. MocoSpy won’t allow any merchantability guarantees, warranties, all the fitness for reasons, non-infringement, and name for the purpose. We can guarantee you that MocoSpy is free from any errors or mistakes. However, such errors can be repaired in no time.

Moreover, there can be some other dangerous components as well. Other than that, we can assure you any warranty or cannot render any references in terms of the precision, concerning the durability’s, the effect of usage, or the effect of the materials too. Other than that, the content may contain any typographic errors, inaccuracies, any time, but we are here to make it fix.

Other than that, if any injury or the loss occurs from the use of the MocoSpy or its material, then not owner, you and other operators won’t be able to get the full cost of the repairing and its corrections. Other than that, the use of MocoSpy cannot assure you that it may infringe on other people’s rights. Also, it will not take any omissions for any mistakes of this informations.

· Lives of the MocoSpy

MocoSpy will permit you the restrict, non- transferable revocable, and non-exclusive license. You can get the software, and it will be entirely under your control and other devices of you. Moreover, you can get access, use the software, and review any other relevant details that are given to you by this software. Also, you can use the program for the cloud-based tracking of any specified service or application.

However, you can’t have access to perceive the authorizing the use of the approved software on any of your device; these are the devices that you don’t have the right to manage or you own.

Other than that, you might have no legal right to access any account or system, an application that can assure you the legal right that can assure you. Also, you are permitted to share the MocoSpy inn the network where there is the number of users or on the servers where you can guarantee to manage it on your own.

· Terminations of MocoSpy license

Your payment contract is the primary basis to cancel the duration of the payment contract. However, within the term, you can use the licensed software. However, if your paid license period is expired and you refuse to comply with every provision of this EULA, then it will immediately terminate all the licenses with any warning from the service providers. However, if any case the permit had been revoked, then you cease the sues of it and delete it immediately.

· Additional terms

It is the EULA agreement that satisfies every consolidated, definitive agreement between all the parties that stands on the subject that matters. Also, it surpasses every previous understanding that transcends every correspondence, either it is written or oral, that in between the parties.

Other than those that are expressively given therein, the license holds all the permits or privileges. Without the written EULA shall not pass you in any of the ways without its consent or permission. Also, the violation of the EULA that is mentioned here will make the Mosby the irreparable harms due to which all the monetary penalties are not good.

Also, the MocoSpy shall have the right to make a request for injunctive relief or other equitable remedies.

· Change of MocoSpy Eula

At any moment, the provision of this EULA would be changed, and the revised one will be shared on the website in case of any amendments.

· International usage

The use of the MocoSpy application is allowed internationally. However, we cannot offer any representation that the software usage at your location is accessible. Moreover, it cannot be downloaded somewhere, where the usage of such software is forbidden. 

However, if still, someone is using this software in the territories where it is used is forbidden, then it cannot be allowed to use the software where it is forbidden. You will use it under your own risk; in neither way, the MocoSpy cannot hold such usage. Such usage is totally at your own risks.


If still, you are facing any of the issues, then you can ask for the 24/7 contact team of the MocoSpy. But if still, you are unsatisfied then you can refund it under your demands and according to the refund policy.



MocoSpy strictly opposes the breaching of privacy and violating the laws of a state or country. It is meant to be downloaded on your child/employee’s device with their consent. Parents who want to monitor their under 18 and dependent child’s activities can install it on his phone with his agreement. The user must be the owner of the device which he/she is intending to spy on. Or he/she must have written agreement from his employees or subordinates for said purpose. MocoSpy cannot be held any responsible if the user does not follow country laws and goes against it. If the customer is found breaching any law or spying secretly, he will be subjected to penalties as per MocoSpy rules and country law. He must consult from a lawyer to know the consequences of breaching privacy.

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