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Are you always fed up due to your kids’ behavior, wasting hours on his gadget? If yes, then there is something exceptional for you. With the help of android spying software, you can get everything so handy. Above all, the satisfaction that someone is taking care of your young ones just like you are so precious. If your kid is spending hours online, then there is the need to take the situation in your hand. It is because nowadays, there are a lot of crimes happening to kids online, notably, drug addiction, child trafficking, and others. Or in a worst-case scenario, it might also be possible that your kid might be visiting any adult content sites. However, the hours of stress are now over with the help of MocoSpy you can get whatever you need with all its advanced features. spy app is serving you with hidden screen recording, hidden call recorder, keyloggers, monitoring of installed applications, and many more. So, do not wait to give it a go.

Gain MocoSpy High Tech Tools - Features - MocoSpy

Track IM's Logs

With MocoSpy Top Notch Features, You Can Keep An Eye on Social Media Platforms

WhatsApp Spy app - WhatsApp spying app - Spy on WhatsApp without root


Boost productivity and save your child’s future with MocoSpy amazing feature of – Monitoring WhatsApp messenger remotely. You can track every single message; audio recordings call duration amazingly in no time.

Instagram Hacking App - Instagram spy - spy on Instagram dm


Get your instant access to Instagram monitoring. Grow your satisfaction with your kid’s security with the best Instagram monitoring- MocoSpy. It is simple, readily available and provides you with super comfort.

Snapchat tracking app - Snapchat spying app - Hack Snapchat


Get your eyes on every single text, snap and request on Snapchat. Either it is the matter of your kid’s security or to boost your business productivity, nothing is complicated with MocoSpy.

Line spying software - Line spy app - MocoSpy


Monitor all the suspicious activity and eliminate cyberbullying with MocoSpy. MocoSpy will magically resolve all your problems online messenger, either it is your child’s security or your employee’s actions. Do not wait to go for MocoSpy.

tinder spy app - Spying on tinder - Android spyware


Get every information in your hand either it is the chat duration, video call, and sent/ receive messages with MocoSpy in no time. Because MocoSpy has the real concern either for your kids or for your asset.

Email monitoring tool - Email spy app - MocoSpy


Control and record every email either sent or received or either it is the password of the target phone, things are handier than you think with MocoSpy email monitoring software.

Valuable Features

Calls History

Are you worried about to whom your kid is talking for hours? If Yes then, you must get yourself registered from MocoSpy and have all the incoming & outgoing calls detailsto whom your child is talking nowadays.

GPS Finder

Where are your employees? Are you in a fix about their suspicious behavior? Then you must be Track their exact location with the advanced GPS tracker. But for that, go for the spy app. 

Surround Listening

What are your employees talking at your back? It is essential to get yourself informed about your office environment. For that, you can trust the android spy app with the real-time surround voice listening. You can get all the real updates. 

Socail Media Tracker

Are your employees wasting their time on social media? That must be so harmful to your office environment. Get your subscription with social media tracker fast to make your office environment productive.

Sms Spy

You must be informed about who is sending messages on your kid’s and employees’ cell phones, so do not wait. Subscribe instantly and enjoy the android tracking app to spy on SMS

Hidden Screen Recorder

It is essential to get yourself registered and have real-time recording proof of the target device activities, so MocoSpy hidden screen recorder is the thing you are finding till now. Then what are you waiting for give it a go? 

Appointments Tracker

It is essential to track all your employees so that you will be informed either they are sharing your confidential business data with someone else or wasting hours on parties. So MocoSpy is the must-have application for you to track their appointments.


Get every keystroke of your target device with the advanced android keylogger feature of MocoSpy. You will be informed with all the password of the target phone.

Set Preferences

You can set all the preferences of your target device ideally and scheduled them as well. In this way, you will get informed of your target device so quickly and their daily activities on a cell phone. 

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Hidden Screen Recorder Without Root

WhatsApp Screen Recorder

Get logs and records of every single chat, audio, video, and other with the advanced WhatsApp screen recording at the exact right time.

Snapchat Screen Recorder

Snapchat is a very efficient application, and you will quickly be informed with every suspicious activity on your target device with the advanced Snapchat Screen recorder.

Viber Screen Recorder

You can get every single record of all the chats, videos, and voices of your target device’s Viber in no time with the advanced Viber screen recorder effectively. 

Skype Screen Recorder

Protect your teens from online dating, and your business from unfaithful employees from the skype screen recorder effectively in no time. 

Tumblr Screen Recorder

Monitor every suspicious activity of either your employees or your kids from the Tumblr screen recorder. It gives you the real opportunity to get your eyes on the productive environment of your home. 

Camera Screen Recorder

Trach front or the back camera, you can get to know about the activity of your target device. Other than that, you will also be able to get the logs through which you can stop the person from making any casualty. 

Unforgettable Feature

These 4 Are Award-Winning Features of The Year

Hidden Live Screen Recording

Hidden Live Screen Recording

Hidden screen recording runs background, and there is no waste of battery too. Moreover, get updated about every move of your spies.

Live Surround Listening

Live Surround Listening

It sounds so magical we know, but with the advanced technology of MocoSpy, it is possible. You will be able to understand what your employee is talking about you at your back and the fatal plans of your kids.

Take Remotely Screenshots Anytime

Take Remotely Screenshots Anytime

When every parent is at the terrible fix, then MocoSpy proves to be the best application form in which you can take screenshots remotely and get updated about what your kids are doing online.



Get every stroke of the keyboard in your target device with MocoSpy and get to know about every move of the password and other hidden codes in no time.


MocoSpy FOR LEGAL USE ONLY. Installing the Licensed Software onto the device you do not possess monitoring rights may go against the Laws of your country or region. Violation of the law’s requirements would be liable to severe monetary and criminal penalties. Please consult your own legal advisor for professional opinions on the legality of using this Licensed Software in the way you intend to use it. You take full responsibility for downloading, installing and using it. MocoSpy shall not be responsible if you choose to monitor a device without being permitted to; nor can MocoSpy provide legal advice on the use of the monitoring software. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved to and retained by MocoSpy.