Are You Looking For View Call history?

Are you searching for the solution to track the call records of your child? Or are you looking for a solution to follow some one’s location tracking, which is working under your firm? 

In addition to this, we can understand how crucial it is to have the topmost call log tracker. Besides, It is imperative to track all your employees activate who are working under your firm. Moreover, if you are the parent also it must be the foremost priority to protect your kids for spies. 

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Why you Find it is Useful?

It is the second most crucial thing to think that why some need the call log tracker. Then the first and foremost benefit is you can quickly discover the interlocutor and other suspicious persons getting into your home. The call log tracker is very active for office use as well. You can save all the information if someone among your employees is publishing it for their purpose.

Why View Call history made?

For Your Child’s Safety

We can understand how long some suspicious questions are running into your mind and you want to protect teens from cyberbullies. All those questions must be linked with the long calls of your kids on a cell phone. There must be some time limit for that. Anyhow If you are using the View Call history, you can quickly get the call history with logs of your kid’s cell phones. Also, you can check the duration and the time in which your kids were talking on a cell phone. The best part of this feature is that you can even have the number of that person as well. 


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For Employees Tracking

There are lots of firms that mostly have disloyal employees who can share your confidential data outside of the business. In more worst-case scenarios, that can be with your competitive third parties. In these cases, employers can spy over the third party that is highly competitive in all regards. Luckily, things are not that challenging now with the help of MocoSpy you can get everything so handy. Hence you can get the call records of your employees with the duration and schedule so quickly. 

What can MocoSpy can do for you?

You can get all the details of the incoming calls of the android

  • Check the outgoing calls in the android
  • Also, check the timestamp of every call 
  • Get the contact number of that person
  • Spying on live calls
  • Check the stranger’s incoming calls 
  • Gather all the call information of the customer’s services

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Set Your Preferences

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