Record surroundings on Your Target Phone

Why Actually You Need Voice Recorder

Are you searching for the application or software to record the surroundings of your target device? Sounds impossible, right? But it is no longer be impossible with the help of a hidden voice recorder



How will it work on Target Phone?

If you want to know about what the target cell phone is doing and what he/ she has his or her views about you. Then go for the spy app to get all the information related to that person. You can send the online command with your cellphone to the target phone, and the recording will start in no time.

Voice Recorder - MocoSpy Android tracker
Listen Teens Voice Recording - MocoSpy Android phone spying app

For The Safety of Your Children

Being a parent, android spy software is the luxury that you got. You can have your ears on your children’s views. You can listen to every talk they are doing with their peers and acquittances. Moreover, you can have the complete check to whom your kids are talking. In this way, you can protect your children with potential harm. 

Check your employee's services

With the help of the advanced MocoSpy app, you will be able to monitor either your employees are leaking the information that is confidential or not. Moreover, there are the certainties through which you can help yourself that maybe he or she is spying in your firm. So, there is no need to take tension with the help of the simple command. You can have a complete check on what your employees are talking about you at your back.


In this digital age, live surround recording is not a big issue for the help of the MocoSpy app. You can check after what your employees are talking at your back with the best employee monitoring app in no time. It is a great way to spy on the firm you are managing and to the people you care about the most. Hence several children are a very reluctant ant in many points at that spot. 

Voice Recorder - MocoSpy Phone spying app

Why can you get from its sound recording feature?

It is the feature that can be helpful in the following situations like:

  • Remotely record the surrounding voices.
  • Keep your ears on what people are talking about any wrong activities by using hidden call recorder.
  • Check what your employees have their views regarding you or gossiping about you during their working hours.
  • Check what your children are gossiping about you with their friends.
  • You can send the remote command via your super panel/dashboard to the target device.
  • Moreover, then targeted phone will not show any of the signs that can check if your system is detectable.

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How MocoSpy Works?

How you can use spyware into your target phone

Set Your Preferences

Now Turn off or on each feature using MocoSpy Super Panel

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How to Install MocoSpy

Download and Install MocoSpy into your target phone

Check Compatibility

Check your device is compatible with MocoSpy android spy.

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