WeChat Secret screen recorder is the only move to monitor the target’s WeChat on WeChat messenger. 

These days instant messengers are the cup of tea for everyone at the same time. People who want to monitor the instant WeChat messenger of the target’s mobile phone. Hence MocoSpy has been coming in the first of all spy app that is granted you to monitor someone’s WeChat chats. it possible to monitor the target person’s WeChat nowadays with the MocoSpy Secret Spy screen recorder. It will help you to make real-tome hidden screen recordings that the end-user can watch them through the MocoSpy online control panel. 

Users can record the screen activities, which the target person user does on the WeChat messaging app with the help of spy screenshots. Also, the user can make take a remotely screenshot of the WeChat activities on cell phone devices with MocoSpy features. The Following things you can monitor with MocoSpy App 

  • Chat conversations 
  • WeChat logs
  • Received and sent text messages 
  • Videos and Audio calls
  • Sharing media files 

Working of WeChat Secret Screen Recorder

Install the MocoSpy advance WeChat monitoring tool on the target cell phone and activate the app with the activation key which you will get after purchasing MocoSpy App, which helps monitor WeChat chats and calls. In this way, you can get your hands on all the activities on the target cell phone. The user can log into the target cell phone’s MocoSpy control panel. From the control panel, one can monitor features sections and then WeChat screen recording. This way, it will allow you to make short videos and upload on to the MocoSpy control panel Automatically. 

MocoSpy Top-notch Features WeChat Secret Screen Recorder

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MocoSpy Top-notch Features WeChat Secret Screen Recorder

· For parents 

All the parents can secretly and remotely monitor the activities of WeChat on tweens and teens. Furthermore, Social media apps are the source of breaching someone’s privacy to strangers, bullies, stalkers, and attracting several teens to share explicit content on social media apps. Furthermore, WeChat is one of the essential spy apps that mostly pushes teens towards several dangerous features through it. 

Further, they can record screens in terms of short videos a minimum of one min. You can track the activities of all your kids in some mins.

· For employers 

Most employers are active in checking what their employees are doing on the company’s owned cell phone. They are not to monitor someone else, at least during working hours. On the other hand, employees and other people can use WeChat. Therefore, the MocoSpy WeChat screen recorder is the best to record their activity for evidence.



MocoSpy strictly opposes the breaching of privacy and violating the laws of a state or country. It is meant to be downloaded on your child/employee’s device with their consent. Parents who want to monitor their under 18 and dependent child’s activities can install it on his phone with his agreement. The user must be the owner of the device which he/she is intending to spy on. Or he/she must have written agreement from his employees or subordinates for said purpose. MocoSpy cannot be held any responsible if the user does not follow country laws and goes against it. If the customer is found breaching any law or spying secretly, he will be subjected to penalties as per MocoSpy rules and country law. He must consult from a lawyer to know the consequences of breaching privacy.

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