How google track their users without them knowing

You might know; google mostly keeps track of services, apps, and devices. But you might not realize how far this tracking can extend. You will be surprised by the fact that it keeps tracking the location you go, your purchases, and other things as well. Hence, it is an extensive data set that enables you to control what Google uses to collect and till when the company can keep it. Here you will learn about all those factors that google tracks their users without them knowing.

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The amount of data that collected by google to track their users

Google used to collect lots of data. Moreover, it claims that its data collection policy has improved its services. Therefore, it will help you to find a restaurant location and etc. Hence google uses to collect lots of data, and only some of them are visible to you in the form of an advertisement, which is precisely relevant to you.

Hence it will leave you with choices to use data responsibly or to not use any more. Moreover, you can also limit the information that it is using from you. It is well-known that the first two are binary; therefore, we tend to focus on the third option. 

How to manage privacy on google?

The best way to limit google using your information is from the control page from your google account online. Moreover, if you are currently signed in to Google accounts, you will get to that place from that link directly.

Also, that data google use will split into six sections. In addition to this, you can switch off the tracking from the toggle switches on your screen. 

· Filter by-products

You can click on the filter by product and date to see everything that this tracking covers, from google play store to the google assistant. Also, you can filter everything by date; hence once you have applied a filter like an “android”. From there, you can delete everything from the matching entries clicking on the trash icon.

Moreover, all the entries can be erased by clicking on the three dots and select delete data. 

· Delete on the activity link

You must delete everything from the activity link on the left. Select all the time as the date range and the filter’s product. In addition to this, you can delete everything that google holds in the App and Web activity category. 

· Delete automatically link

Moreover, Google is another way to wipe everything automatically, which is older than 18 months or three months. You can check all the options if you choose the “Delete automatically” button from the top of the activity list.

· Tracking location history

You can use the managing activity to see and change all the data Google has. But you will record things on the map. You can check the red dots on the marketing places you have visited. Also, from the drop-down menus from the top left, you can look at more specific date ranges. 

Track Location History - Google Track their user without them knowing

The trash icon can work in this case as well. Hence you can erase data from google records. You can take it as a single day, and it will make your entire location history. You can click on the three dots beside it and choose to delete from that day after clicking on three dots beside it. 

Gmail, Audio, Devices, and Gmail

· Device information

It is the third category from the activity control, which is the device information. Moreover, it covers mostly all the devices that have been connected to the google account. Also, it will not include that much activity on your devices. All these activities have been combed under the App and Web activities. Moreover, you can wipe all the information on history from here. You can click on the delete, all despite the individual items. 

· Voice and Audio activity

It is all the commands that Google Assistant made. Whether it is said to you or your smart speaker or your phone, you can get things stored. Also, if you click on the managing activity, then you will have everything on your list. Also, you will have the option of back audio recordings. Again, you can use three dots on your account’s corner to delete things into the trash icon and delete the entire day. Furthermore, you can delete all the things on the link on the left to wipe all things from categories on the spot. 

· Google video platform

These are the self-explanatory names: Youtube search history and Youtube watch history. These both are in the same ways with options to remove records a day at a time, or one by one, or you can delete everything by a link when you click on the managing activity. You can have options to stop temporarily from google tracking.

In addition to this, you need to stay signed out when you are using YouTube. Also, you can use incognito mode when browsing and searching in Chrome. Also, these measures can stop showing up in the google account. 

· Targeted your cell phones and advertisements

Again, you need to sign in to your account. At the top, that must be your gender and age, which can be followed up from all the host of topics that sounds interesting in google accounts. You need to click on any of these entries, and from there, you can strike it to turn off from the record. 

To keep out the personalization completely, you can toggle switch at the top of the page. You need to note that it will not reduce the number of ads on pages you see.

Moreover, it will not affect the amount of data that Google collects from you. However, it will stop google from linking two pages together. You can check all the ads around the web. They are less tailored to what google thinks you are interested in. 


All in all, the primary data that Google collects is from your cell phone. Moreover, you can also track through apps and Google Docs, Gmail, Google Maps are just on the web. Hence, in this way, Google will track things online. 

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