How to set child lock on Samsung phone for parental control

In an ideal, Samsung mobile phone, the most used mobile phone in the world.

The top-rated parental control app. will look after your youngsters for those who are clumsy. No matter if they are conducting research for a school venture, holding involved with friends, or having fun with all the decent issues that the internet offer. It doesn’t count what age is, or even if they are using social media and you want to sneak into their Samsung mobile phone. You just need to set up the MocoSpy parental control app on their mobile phone.

How to Set Parental Control Using MocoSpy on Samsung phone? 

Parental control app handle tools are the best and advanced around us. The capability to see time spent on social media apps is really easy you need to install the phone tracking in their Samsung mobile phone. MocoSpy Parental Control offers these features which are high tech tools. However, they MocoSpy Samsung parental control app additionally provides you features to protect children and teenagers.

What Features MocoSpy Parental Control offers?

The Samsung version of MocoSpy without doubt best features and its the one of the best parental control, MocoSpy parental control app enables you to set guidelines and time schedules, block pornography, and different unsuitable content material. If you go subscribe to MocoSpy edition, you will get these features. 

How to install Parental Control in Samsung Devices?

  • Sign up with MocoSpy pricing & plans.
  • Go to the Your target phone download MocoSpy APK and install it. 
  • Now go to setting > Apps management > Find MocoSpy app and tap on it. Now Allow all the permissions.
  • Done with your settings
  • Tap Finish. 
  • Now Login MocoSpy Super Panel to secretly track your teen device.

Features MocoSpy Samsung Parental Control Offers

· Keyloggers

Android Keylogger has the ability to hack passwords with keylogging. Hence with this feature, hacking your child’s Samsung mobile phone password or pin whatever you want MocoSpy features provides you Instantly.

· GPS tracking

It is best for the Samsung mobile phone, including an GPS tracker features so you can see in case your child’s phone is moving any restricted area then MocoSpy parental control send you Instantly notification. keep an eye on their location with GPS tracking.

· Hidden Screen Recorder

The best feature to record secretly screen activities for parental control, it will also be installed on any Samsung mobile phone. It makes screen recording the entire screen and sends it to your straight through MocoSpy dashboard, Also you can listen to surround voices of the target phone. Monitor their every action with the hidden screen recorder

Suicide is the main reason for the loss of life for individuals for a long time. And in accordance with the centers for ailment control and blockage, youth suicide charges have very nearly tripled.

Importance of Samsung mobile phone locking

Samsung committed that they have 1.2 billion users in 2020. Knowing chance components in younger children can increase the chance of a toddler receiving behavioral and may make contributions to the building of interventions dedicated to combating an initial suicide effort in at-possibility.

How to Unlock/lock The Samsung Devices Remotely?

The spy software for android items is best made for Samsung mobile phones to unlock remotely. With the parental control app, which restricted youngsters who are under 18 it will permit children to limit access to applications and put away media content to you. So, you can check your teen’s pictures and videos secrelty. MocoSpy parental control app works always on Samsung mobile phones.

spy app is an application that allows parents to see their youngster’s cell phone activity.


Children and youngsters using a Samsung mobile phones. With the parental control application, You can check what sites your youngster are exploring. Check the compatibilIty of MocoSpy and start monitoring your target Samsung mobile phone remotely.

The most effective method to Screen Content 

Notwithstanding setting parental controls on your youngster’s gadget, the following security layer guardians and parental figures ought to unequivocally consider a checking answer for survey the substance their children experience across instant messages, internet-based life, and email. MocoSpy can do this for you. On Android gadgets, MocoSpy can screen instant messages (counting erased ones!), photographs, recordings, web perusing, and many introduced applications, including social media. It additionally tests your youngster’s phone area with registration. 


MocoSpy assists families with overseeing and ensuring their youngsters’ advanced lives. Our honor is winning help screens 30+ of the most popular applications and internet-based life stages for indications of issues like cyberbullying, self-destructive ideation, online predators, dangers of viciousness, and drug abuse.

With regards to Android gadgets, Samsung is evidently the world head, on the phone, yet in tablets, TVs, and a large group of different devices driven by Android also. That presents a test for guardians since they must implement the guidelines with regards to applications and screen time. Here is how to set up a Samsung gadget for family use. 

What to Know 

The absence of tools at the practical framework level on Android implies you will have to download and introduce an outsider parental control application to be sure beyond a shadow of doubt kids are keeping the principles. As a back-up to this application, you will have to set Google Play to forestall application downloading and in-application buys. 

Those principles, and what you are doing to set them up, ought to be totally clear. Family contracts, composed guidelines, and conversations regarding why the standards are set up will be significant. If children comprehend what you are stressed over, they are bound to think about their conduct. 

Parental control applications are, at long last, only an approach to uphold the guidelines. The ideal method to ensure kids create protected and robust associations with their screens and the individuals they meet utilizing them is with open correspondence and comprehension.


if you are finding the best in spy, then MocoSpy is the one that will fully fill all the demands. Hence it is the reason that one must go for the top-notch spying application. 

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