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Have you lost your cell phone? Well, if you have lost it, then you must know how terrifying it is to feel when you do not have any idea; where your cell phone is? Are you trying to get track lost phone? Primarily, a cell phone is an essential part of our lives; from contact to personal information, from personal pictures to videos, and many other things. In short, we cannot live without a cell phone.

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According to a recent survey, it has been found that nearly 70 million mobile phones, get lost almost every year, and never get recovered.

Indeed, it is true; people either lost their cell phones by mistake or robbed. Therefore, we have come up with the two essential solutions to get you to track lost phone by just using the IMEI number

Track Lost Phone Using IMEI number 

Tracking a lost phone with an IMEI number is super easy. Therefore, you must know first; what is an IMEI number?

IMEI stands at for- International Mobile Equipment Identity. It works as the identity certificates of the cell phone number. These 15 digits are permanent for every cell phone. Furthermore, one cannot change it; unless your cell phone device counterfeits. Hence, it is essential to know your IMEI number of devices to track lost phone

In case you have lost your phone, the important thing is to contact the service provider to block your IMEI number. Once, you have secured your IMEI number, no one can reach you out on that number or send you the SMS. 

How to get the IMEI number?        

Hence, IMEI is the identity of your number. Moreover, cell phone companies have their license on each of their products for the unique IMEI number. Therefore, you can track your cell phone; if it is lost or get robbed. 

First, you must know, how to find the IMEI number of your Android mobile phone.

· Find IMEI number on your cell phone box       

Your cell phone vendors write this number on the box in the form of the; serial number, barcode, model number, and IMEI number. Try to note it down beforehand. 

· Dial *#06# from your cell phone          

One of the easiest ways, to get the IMEI number from your cell phone is to dial *#06#, and the screen will appear on your screen from, where you can get the number and its details. 

· Device settings      

You can get the IMEI number from the general settings menu. For this purpose, you need to go to the settings, then tap on “General/ system” and check the About phone. Hence, you can get the IMEI details of the cell phone, from there. 

· Battery 

Most of the Android devices have the IMEI number on the phone battery. Just take it out and check your IMEI number. 

How to get track lost phone with the IMEI number?

You can count yourself among the geniuses once you have the IMEI number saved on your cell phone. But if not, then there is nothing to be worried about, you can have your cell phones in other ways.

Let us check, how to find your cell phone if you do not have an IMEI number, beforehand.

· Use Google-Find my device to Track Lost Phone

You do not need to worry if you are an Android user. It is because of the Android devices linked with the Google account. Your IMEI number is already saved on your account. Hence you can easily find your device by following this method. Here is how you can locate your cell phone:

Google Find my device - Track phone

  • First, you need to log into the Google account on the web, then click on the “Find my device option”.
  • Check the missing Android cell phone on the list on the left. 

If you want to find an IMEI number only: Click on the “I” icon from the next of that device. You will find the IMEI on the list that has been on the pop-up box. 

If you want to find a cell phone: You can locate your device from the “find my device option.” Hence, you can choose it as a bonus. You can use this facility to locate the cell phone if it is turned on, connected to the WIFI or the data once you have been signing into the device. Furthermore, you must have the location services on and let them find my machine from there. Or if location fails, then you at least find your IMEI from there.

· Track Lost Phone Using MocoSpy 

The MocoSpy phone tracker app tracks the GPS location of the lost cell phone remotely. You might be surprised to know about the benefits of the MocoSpy to find out the cell phone that you have lost.

mark safe area - geofencing - MocoSpy

For a reason, you can get to know the following things that will help you to track lost phone:

What do you get with MocoSpy to track lost phone?

Here are the things that you can get with the help of MocoSpy:

Download & install MocoSpy To track lost phone using IMEI Number

After following the steps here, you will know how to get the MocoSpy into your cell phone:

Hence, you can use this MocoSpy IMEI tracker app to track your personal cell phone.


Most things that get lost seem not that big of a deal, but sometimes if your details are involved in it, something like a cell phone, it can be traumatizing. The best part is that you can still track your lost cell phone whenever you want with the help of the IMEI’s number. The top-notch way is the MocoSpy third-party cell phone tracker, which will provide you the highly-optimized result to track your lost cell phone, hence in a sense, you can quickly recover your cell phone with the help of the advanced features. Also, you can remotely delete your lost phone data using the MocoSpy control panel. 

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