Me-too Sexual Harassment Truth & Reality

Back in times, it was Tirana Burke who started the Me too campaign for about more than ten years. Also, after the eight years of the first movement, then it was the actress Alyssa Milano who take this movement all along. It is again coming in Infront of the world to show the sense and the magnitude of the problem.

Me too movement

It is the movement that the women around the world have created against sexual harassment. Because it is the fact that every woman in her life has faced with the issue of sexual harassment. Therefore, women with exposure to the media and have that strength came forward standby against sexual harassment around the globe.

me too Sexual Harassment

However, currently when there is the allegation of harassment against the American producer Harvey Weinstein assists in the #Me too. A conversation topic around the Americas. Moreover, there are lots of survivors who have shared their stories against the producer and came to him in front of the world.

Now, what is the impact of this #Metoo movement on our society?

To assist in this problem, there were some of the steps that were there to support the survivors. Above all, some steps are already there that ensures the assault, and misconduct with some of the systematic problem and they are important to solve them.

· Banning Non-disclosure agreements mostly covers sexual harassment

It was one of the major problems which came in front by the exposure of Harvey Weinstein and other powerful men are the non-disclosure agreements. The agreement shows that these women were not able to speak against things, which were not that good in such a case. Women must speak against such issues.

Me too Sexual Harassment

· Protecting more workers

Since there was some time when people who were working there without any restriction. Like the professional of makeup artists and the Uber drivers as well. Who are mostly on the risks of sexual harassment on their job. Also, there were some other jobs in which the people were liberal in their actions. Therefore they cannot make their harassment in this such case. Also, there were some other cases when they also check the little legal recourse in the best way.

· Defense funds helped People who were seeking justice

Since many people want to seek justice who were prohibitively at their own expense, therefore. Some of the people stood against it. Since harassment is a real threat to the world, and it is important to fight against those problems to fight against such.

Me too sexual

Moreover, there were some of the legal representations too which world in an entirely different case. Hence it was the best thing of this me-too movement that came in front.

· End tips of the harassments trend

 There were some restaurant workers as well who did not speak against the behavior of the customers, which is torturing them. Since when they complain about them, there might be a chance that they will lose their jobs which is not good for their future. Normally this is the thing that most of the people were there to know and to read. Also, it is $2.13 per hour. The purpose of the minimum wage is that the workers will be able to live in the rest of the graduates. Hence, therefore, that the restaurants and their advocate took some important steps to end this tips trend and it is necessary for the harassment.

· Congress helped their staffers to report harassment.

Last year several congress members reported several problems of sexual assault. That has been there in the case of the harassment or the assaults. Also, the law passes the three months of the waiting period for the people. Who were reporting the problems of harassment they face.

· The thinking of people about their power

It was one of the biggest threats that were the #Metoo movement, and it was the thing that was widespread around the world and what they are really. Also, in the places where there are children are also there, they do not need to think about how much they need to think about the effects of the coworkers and the parents, friends as well.

Who is more prone to the threat of sexual harassment

· Children

Children are innocent; they do not understand the touch and sight of the second person. Therefore, it is a must for them to care for them in the best possible way. Also, it is the reason that parents must teach them about it and protect them by using advanced features. However, it is also the fact the.

Sexual harassment is not when the person physically touches it can be of any sort

The common classifications of Sexual harassment are online harassment starring in public places and others. Moreover, children are the most sensitive pray for them to attack. Therefore, it is advisable for the parents that they must their eye on their children to assure their security from different groups.

· Employees

It is also a sensitive area; particularly if you have female employees in your office. It is good if you have the spying application on your phone. So you can check if any of the opposite genders is threatening the other person. You can easily find the proof with the help of this application, and it can assure your office reputation that far. Moreover, it is also best since there are some late hours workers in the office as well. Moreover, it is risky to send them alone, but obviously. Physically it is not possible to have the eye on every worker if he or she is at their home safe and sound, therefore, having the reputable application which is the Android spy app is best.

Why Mobile Tracker?

It is the most important application of all. It has the best application with the upgraded features of all. Also, you can check the target person location with the help of a GPS tracker; you can check the name duration of the caller with the help of this application. Moreover, you can keep your ears on all then things happening; in your surroundings almost it is the best way to protect your business.


All in all, the #Metoo movement, is the best to curb such harassment and mental torments of society. Therefore, it is the best step from the Cell phone spy app as well to protect all the innocent against it. Hence over it is the best way to protect yourself from the threats that either your child or the employee can face it in the future.

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