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If there is no guidance from adults, then almost all teenagers are spending, all their time online behind the screen. Hence their android gadget can quickly be getting out of control either they are watching the online videos, or they are using their smartphones for texting. Or it is mobile phones or laptops; such things are incredibly harmful to them.

if you are thinking to snatch their devices and they are claiming that everybody from their class is using it then trust them, they are right in many ways. Now let us take an in-depth look into the facts of how it can be harmful to them and how you can protect child them.

Teens who spend too much time online.

So, most of the time they are spending their time online wasting in multitasking. Which means it might be possible that they are losing hours online doing nothing. They might be scrolling down Facebook. However, when the in-depth study conducted for them.

Then it is the reason that they are spending more than 10 hours 45 mins it means around 11 hours on the screen which without any doubt is not suitable for their mental health. Also, there is also you can spy on their Facebook using that you used to get your eyes on teens’ social media platforms. 

How is Screen time poisonous for them?

Too much screen time ends up in several consequences like the too much screen time ends up in the risk of obesity, with the dangers of interferences with the social interferences and it also harms their family times. Moreover, it even hurts their mental health. Also, according to the teen’s exposure to the internet, it can be a severe threat to their mental health too that will ultimately affect their study performance.

Mobile tracker

How can manage their Screen time?

As parents are spending a great time thinking how to reduce their child’s screen time that is away hard thing to think about it is the reason why we are recommending you to have a close look on the things mentioned below. Though which you can check the importance of the hidden screen recorder by making short hidden videos of their screen remotely through which you can protect your kid from the online consequences.

Screen time must be a privilege.

One of the great reasons that have dramatically make the screen time hazard or trauma for the parents is the reality that screen time has now turned into the right than the privilege which is not a healthy option for your kids. It is because of the liberty that children have got to use the screen time has lost its opportunities. There was the time when it was the privilege to watch the favorite cartoon series on a Saturday morning. 

Now things have been changed to a greater extent & it is always lethal either for children. You need to make it clear that screen time is the privilege that must get; they can get it for free. It might be sound impossible, but it is best for their delayed gratifications.

Introduce healthy habits

Telling your children by limiting their screen time can improve their future and on the other hand, it will make them more vulnerable to dangerous things. You need to set some of the healthy habits to make them obey. Otherwise, things would not be changed. Let your child see how he can be amazed by limiting their screen time.

Force them to do something physical

It is best if you make him go out for the walk, doing some yard work, and prevent them from playing games caught in this way it will ensure you to go ahead for some physical activity that she or he needed for the better mental health. Also, you can even, think of that exercise that will make him enjoy as the family or to make him less exercising.

If your family loves to go hiking, then consider geocaching as your favorite activity encourages him to do so. Also, if you do not have the chance to go with him then go with him on your own, then you can prefer a MocoSpy monitoring app.

Do not include the electronics during the mealtimes.

Shutoff the television during mealtime, and do not indulge yourself in any of the web surfing when they are eating. However, you can use that opportunity to talk about the day that you heard. In this way, you will be able to make more and more conversations with him about certain things.

Create some screen-free days

Once a week, it will be helpful to have the screen-free days. Or you can call it a long distant screen-free detox. It can be by having a weeklong vacation twice a year. In this way, she will have plenty of time to consider the reality of the world

Make effective rules together on the family table. Also, allow the family to give their family input as well while discussing it together. Moreover, if you do not have family time before, then it is the best opportunity to have one this time.

Benefits of minimizing the screen time

Later the studies have shown that there are some of the significant hazards of excessive screen time. Therefore, it is imperative to reduce, and that can only be through the best electronic devices. In this way, some of the amazing benefits that your child can take are as under:

  • Best academics
  • Read books
  • Socialize with friends
  • Communicate with the family
  • Enjoy nature
  • Enjoy the rest

Take a rest and glance over all the opportunity of that time the way you have taken the fun, would you like your child to miss it in today’s world?

Cyber Bullying - Cell phone spy app

Parents need to use MocoSpy Parental Control App

The greatest threat to social media exposure is the interparent conflicts; however, parents can resolve by using the MocoSpy parental control app and sort out the things well. In this regard, parents can think about the things that are affecting their teens by taking hidden screenshots of their mobile phones in this relation inter parent conflicts are the first thing that can make the things vaguer and distort them to a greater extent. It is the reason that all the parents need to work over it together.

What do You get From Parental Control App? 

MocoSpy Parental control app is on the top when it is the matter of to spy on an android phone. We cannot deny this fact that every parent needs some more crucial step to check what their kids are doing online. In this regard, it is best if you are a bit more curious and review their sneaky activity

Mobile tracker is the best application that can make your child’s screen time more conscious after having the best spying with all its advanced features.


Nowadays, children with a rational mindset have made things more distorted. Such sort of children is creating different problems for themselves; it is why it is essential to limit their screen time. As there are lots of advanced gadgets that must make the usage of the devices so addictive, it is the reason why this is good if you go forth the best spying app that is the spy app.

Easily control your child’s screen time activities. Also, you can limit their screen time. With the help of these fantastic applications, things will become amazingly handy. All in all, it is an excellent option if you choose the best parental control apps to monitor as it offers excellent benefits to its users with exceptional benefits that are hard to find.

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