Get Your Eyes Always on Their Digital Activities With Parental Control app


Get to know about every keystroke of your child and explore his all password. It is for the betterment of your child that with the MocoSpy advanced android keylogger feature you can have the access to almost everything.

Hidden Screen Recorder

Protect your child from the online spies, cyberbullying by recording his screen from the hidden screen recorder it is the best feature to protect your kid from every causality in no time. Trust it is entirely hidden.

Bookmarking History

Check his bookmarking history and get to know that what was he searching for. There is a lot of adult content that is not good for your child’s mental health so protect him with the best bookmarking history tracker.

Sms Tracking

Track every SMS of your child and check if he is involved in the sexting if yes then do not wait for act with the smart SMS tracking features. You can have the logs and every essential to track your child in the best way.

GPS Finder

Have the child told you about his past location? If not then do not get worried about it, with the help of the advanced GPS tracker you can monitor the exact location of your child and get to know if he is in some danger. It is the lifesaving feature.

Monitor Emails

Emails monitoring is the best when it is the matter of checking that on which websites your child is subscribed to Monitoring is imperative in every regard as it is for the betterment of your kid.

Solution for Social Media Tracking Without Root

WhatsApp Screen Recorder

WhatsApp is the most in social media application nowadays. It is the reason that there is a lot to track here. Moreover, it is easily available that is the main reason that most crimes are occurring here. Hence it is imperative to go for the WhatsApp screen recorder.

Snapchat Screen Recorder

Snapchat is the best and the famous application among teens and it is the reason that most crimes are occurring here. But the pictures gone disappears in a short while and therefore it is imperative to have some snapchat screen recorder.

Viber Screen Recorder

Viber offers its users a lot calling, texting, and video calling too. Therefore, it is pivotal to have the viper screen recording in your devices. You can enjoy the best application’s services with it amazingly.

Camera Screen Recorder

Camera screen recording is the advanced feature that MocoSpy offers its customers as it creates a significant simplicity in recording the camera’s details. It is imperative for your child’s security.

Skype Screen Recorder

The instant messaging, video calling, and voice calling application become a serious threat sometimes and which is not for the goodwill of your child. It is the reason that the skype screen recorder is imperative.

Tumblr Screen Recorder

Tumblr is the second place where teens are living most. Thereby it is the second most threat and the hub of criminals. Hence it is imperative to have the Tumblr screen recorder to protect your teens from such spies.

Our Award Wining Features

Live Screen Viewing

Live Screen Viewing

Screen viewing is the best feature through which you are with your kids all the time and can stop him getting spoiled from the dangerous criminals. Hence the live screen viewing is imperative to have.

Listen Surround Voices

Listen Surround Voices

Recording sound is no less than the dream at one time but it is possible now. MocoSpy has brought the best services through which you can get the live screen recording in no time and get to know what your child is planning up to.

Remotely ScreenShots

Remotely ScreenShots

Protect your kids from the remotely screenshot feature it is the best in protecting your kids in every regard for cyberbullying, social crimes too. It is remote screenshot features enable you to get the knowledge of every activity of your kids.

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