This privacy policy is primarily between the user and the provider of the Website of- MocoSpy. Primitively the plan deals with all the data that is about your use of this Website. All about your use of the services of the system and the Website. 

Interpretations and definitions

The following terms & conditions have specific meanings in this Website, and that is all about our services of user privacy. 

  • “ Content”

It can be in the form like it can be the audio, video, software, text, graphic, data compilations, and another type of information’s that can be stored in your system. It might be part of this Website. 

  • Data

Collectively it means all the information’s that you are submitting to the Website. It might include. However, it is not limited to data and account details and any of the other services or systems. 

  • Account

It means all the private information that are; the Payment information, Personal information, and the credentials that are to access the material or the communications medium on the site. 

  • Cookies 

It means that small text information’s that is placed by the Mocospy in your system when you are visiting some part of this Website. It is essential to check about the recurring visitors and to

analyze their browsing habits. It is the part where most of the e-commerce facilities like; that included all the Cookies, and maybe those are store in your shopping basket cart, etc. 

  • Service

It means all the services and the tools that the Mocospy services can provide you either in the future or now. 

  • Users or user

It means all the third parties who are not working with the MocoSpy Services and mostly they are the customers. 

  • System 

It means all the online infrastructure of communication that all the MocoSpy will provide you. All such services will be through our platform. Mostly it includes services like messages boards, live chats, web-based email, email links, and chat facilities. 

Under the act of GDPR European Law, we gather all the information our customers who landed on our Website from the first day up to 45 days. However, the data would be removed once it reaches the limit of 45 days. Moreover, users are free to remove any information from the site without any restrictions. With no limitations, the following data is collected:

  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Name
  • Profession
  • Job titles
  • All the information’s that are demographic like preference, postcode, and interests
  • Information’s of contacts like telephone numbers and email addresses.
  • All the IP addresses are automatically collected.
  • Automatically collected operating systems do to automatically collected.
  • Web browsers versions and type that all are automatically collected

Usage of our data

If you are looking at services that the system is providing you, then all the personal data will be in our operation of the website. Moreover, any data that we are providing you will be in our system. Furthermore, it will retain for a more extended period that might be for one month.  

Unless the authorities allowed us to disclose your identity, we do not disclose your identity to the third parties, under Clause 4. According to the principle act of 1998, all your information will be secured securely by the third parties. 

Any of the services we might need from you to provide you with the best services we will sure do that to give all our customers the best services; however, that is by using the following data record-keeping internally.

More polished products and services

We will use your email to provide you will receive the best promotional emails that are of your interest. Most of the market research can be through using the telephone, mail, or fax. Moreover, such sorts of emails will be customized by updating the website.

Transformations of all the controls and business ownership

The MocoSpy can be expanding or reduce timely due to the specific reasons for the businesses. Moreover, it also includes certain divisions sales and, they can transfer the control of certain divisions as well to third parties. 

Most of the data that is provided by our users will be given to its division. After the transfer, the new owner will be controlling such divisions. Hershel will be under the policy, and it is used to utilize all the data for a particular purpose.

However, in such scenarios, you will be contacted before such steps will be taken. When transferring such data, you will be asked with two choices whether to give your data to the new party or disallowed such transfer.

Third-party websites and services

It might be possible that all the MocoSpy will be needed to ask the services of the third party from time to time. Such matters primarily involved; Payment handling, purchased items delivery, facilities of the search engines, marketing, and advertising. 

Moreover, the providers of such services are not allowed to have access to the users on the private information’s that he/ she given to the website. Such sort of uses is strictly prohibited. Moreover, such data must be used with the third party that includes the policy, and it consists of the data under the act of 1998.

Your right to withhold all the information

If you are not providing your information, then you can have access to certain areas of the website. However, not all the systems and services are open to you. There is some of the information that you might require for the sub.

  • You can submit the information about your account or other data.
  • You might be restricting your internet browser to use the Cookies.

Control the access to your data

There are some of the points that when you are asked about the data you are submitting. Moreover, there is some of the information to restrict your data as well. You can use data for direct marketing purposes and then sharing it with third parties.


We can understand that how crucial is the MocoSpy data security is. Hence to ensure our users, we have some of the highly effective electronics that are best to safeguard all your private information.

Access your data

To review the amendments of your data, you have access to all your accounts. Moreover, you can also modify and update the data with the transformation of the circumstances. Other than that, you may also to install some of the additional for the marketing purpose otherwise all it is safe hence you can transform it any time. 

Moreover, you have the copy to ask about the changes in all your personal data at any time. Along with that, you also have the right to ask for text of all data with small pay.

Before you are moving on there will be a message bar that is requesting you either to set the Cookies. Moreover, there is not a single cookie set to Jeopardize your private information without your consent. Once you are done with the cookies set you will be enabling us to provide you will the best experience of the website.

Once the MocoSpy will have access to your computer. All the data will be used is according to the provisions of the Privacy and the Electronic Communications (EC Directive) 2003 regulations as per the amendments of the privacy and the electronic communications ( EC Directive) Amendments in 2011. 

The Mocospy is primarily using these Cookies to provide the best services to its customers for various analytical purposes. Also, to ensure the best services to its users. Other than that, it also allows us to check the movement of our users through the website.

Other than that, you can also enable and disable the cookies in your web browsers by default. However, this can be efficiently altered. For further assistance, you can consult with our consulting team that is available 24/7. Moreover, disabling the cookies can also prevent the full range of services of the Website.

Moreover, there are confident and the essential website services that are highly dependent on Cookies and enable them to function correctly. You will be asked, however, if you wish you can still disable cookies, it is all with your consent.

It is imperative to have the up to dates internet connection; in this regard, we recommended you have the guidance that your developer must provide you. Moreover, it is imperative if there are some privacy concerns with your system’s settings.

You can have complete access to the cookies, but you can lose the entrance on the that is given you to make adjustments on your privacy settings. But the deletion of cookies can result in you to lose access to that feature of the Website.

The MocoSpy privacy policy’s convention version

It is the policy that is entirely related to the privacy protection policy of the MocoSpy App. It is the information that is provided by the users of the site for specific actions to be taken. Other than that, it also writes the ways how we will be using your private information.

Transformations to the policy

The MocoSpy has the complete privilege to change its policy whenever it is needed. It might be a requirement of our services to go better, or the functions are necessary for the immediate law requirement. However, if there will be any changes, then you will get the notification, and we ask your permission in that regard.

We will not allow any user to use the privacy of the other user in case we observe such causality; then, we can cancel your consent with this Website without asking that user once. Moreover, we will not refund the amount as well.

Collection of information and its use

All the private information that you want to have the access you can voluntarily share with us.

All in site and tracking information, which is automated as you landed on our Website.

The above points are a crucial part of your privacy policy to give us and it will be marked as the agreement to our privacy policy. Hence you need to provide us such information as without that; we will not be able to give you complete access to the products and services you are looking on our site. 

Moreover, we will not allow any third party to have the entrance of your private information regardless; it is the matter of the lawsuit. Furthermore, we took the number of security measures to ensure your privacy.

Though anyone can have access to our Website if you are looking for the services that are more than just a visit, then you need to provide us your email Id and other private information like the email address, home address, or others. As soon as you give us to access when we will send you the confirmation email to get to know our email and password.

Also, we will listen to all your queries and changes that you want us to make with your account on our Website. Unless you are not providing us the information that we ask, we are not able to assist you that much. We have tried our level best to keep all the information confidential that you have provided to us.

 All in all, there are strict measures to protect all your private information when it is written consent. Other than that, all the information that you provide us is password-protected. It is the reason that there is no reason for your data to be shared with any third party; moreover, you also need to make sure that all the information you provide us is with the secure password. 

 However, the public gadget does log out from the device from which you have landed on your website. Make sure to log out from the device you have entered. Try to make a strong password to make sure you have prepared everything secured.

Legal matters

The Moco services are secured unless it is with one user; however, if the data be consent is given to the third party, then we cannot assure you that security. In case of such transactions, we cannot ensure you on our own. However, the new party will communicate with you about that, and they also share their privacy policy with you.

Site and tracking information that is collected automatically:

We can track your information as soon as you have landed on our platform. The examples; scenarios are “Log files” of your internet connections of computer,  length of your time spent on the website, and the number of times page is accessed with a visit.  However, to collect demographic information, we may use your data. Our platforms provide some premium services that are available such as newsletter or email in general.

Mostly we collect the information to provide more refined results to our end users after managing the traffic on the website. However, if we are using any demographic information form, you like your gender or the age, then we never share it with anyone. However, legal matters are exceptional in all regards.

The verification process of the target device’s owner

We are doing this step to check whether our buyer is using this site for the legal purpose or have some consent. There it is a crucial part of the users to be done for legal matters.

In such cases, we ask the buyers his complete name, cell phone, Address, target users name, Age, Relationship, and phone number. After that, we verify step by both the SMS code and calling the target phone. This app wants to be installed.

However, if you have no responsibility for the five days, then we will be going to cancel that order. We also took the necessary steps to investigate further. However, we find some irregular activities or someone’s privacy that someone else is using. We must fall such an act under the Cybercrime that is damaging the victims, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Hence it is the reason that MocoSpy has taken all the necessary steps to secure the innocence from the online predators.

Privacy information of online children

MocoSpy is entirely useless for the peers under 18. Moreover, we will not have any consent with the children or the minors- knowingly. That is why we ask all parents and guardians to check why their children are using this website and search if they are sharing their private information with anyone else online. It is the reason why ask the parents to be a little vigilant to check their children’s online activity.

Updates or changes to the privacy policy

We may make changes to this approach whenever, so kindly read this arrangement now and again. We will present the progressions on our site, yet we are not required to advise you of any such change. Any progress will influence the entirety of the data we have gathered from you already. Furthermore, the data gave by you after any such change and may likewise incorporate new use or divulgences of the data. 

If any of the progressions comprises a material change concerning your data, the sequences will be posted before they happen. We may post a notice concerning it on the site’s landing page. Be that as it may, we are not committed to doing as such. If you have any complaints, do tell us with the goal that we can evacuate the data we recently gathered from you. Do note down the way that arrangement of data.  

You agree to utilize that data as indicated by the then-current protection approach. To change the individual data given to us by you, kindly get in touch with us as educated toward the finish of this Protection Strategy.

Our words to data security

We utilize security programming, security equipment, and programming update and system checking strategies, to ensure and make sure about the data under our influence and keep the by and broad acknowledged industry guidelines. We work together with the outsider specialist organizations that utilization encryption and validation to keep up the protection of your data. 

Whenever put away, we store individual data on frameworks behind firewalls, to which just a restricted workforce can obtain entrance. Any of our representatives with access to personal data is committed to secure the data in a manner. That manner is predictable with this type of Protection Strategy. It does not utilize the data for any reason, other than those identifying with the administrations they have to perform for MocoSpy

However, if there is an employee who is caught to take any of the illegal measures, then we must take such legal steps against them. 

It is because we are exercising a particular standard to provide you vital services to protect your data. Hence there no other method around the internet is available that can ensure that specific level of protection of your data.

Contact us

In case you feel any of the amendments that must be included in our privacy policy. Or you think that specific transformation must be the part of our privacy policy, then do communicate us all our contact support team.

So, insert the words of there- privacy policy and ping us the mail we are ready to assist you any time through any means.



MocoSpy strictly opposes the breaching of privacy and violating the laws of a state or country. It is meant to be downloaded on your child/employee’s device with their consent. Parents who want to monitor their under 18 and dependent child’s activities can install it on his phone with his agreement. The user must be the owner of the device which he/she is intending to spy on. Or he/she must have written agreement from his employees or subordinates for said purpose. MocoSpy cannot be held any responsible if the user does not follow country laws and goes against it. If the customer is found breaching any law or spying secretly, he will be subjected to penalties as per MocoSpy rules and country law. He must consult from a lawyer to know the consequences of breaching privacy.

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