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If you want to get out of the effort to track either your employee’s social media, then the features of social media tracking tools are the best way to go. All the best social media metrics tracker is ideal in tracking all the shares, likes, and clicks, and other clicks on the boards. Other than that, for business enterprises, 

it is best to monitor all the activities & messengers effectively. Moreover, it is the best way to develop competitive strategies in the market. Now here are some ways how this android spying software can assist you in tracking any social media apps.

Why it is Social media Tracker Useful?

For the protection, your child or loved ones!

Advanced social media tracker app has averted all the hassle to track your child’s performance and activities online. Social media is the hub of criminals. Several agents of the dark web can track your child’s activity and create the abduction level crimes secretively. In this way, if you are planning to have an excellent android tracker, 

Then you are protect your teens from online affairs. Moreover, you can know what your child is chatting about and what he is planning on social media. There are a series of terminologies through which you can call it like the social media follower tracker, social media analytics tracker, and trust us all are the one thing that provides the best services. Your child is your first responsibility. 

Use Social media tracker In your business 

In business, it is a significant asset to have. Moreover, you can get a series of things over there to get on track. Here it is not only the matter to track all your employees; it is the point to make most of the profit and loss through the online tracking. With the help of a social media tracker spreadsheet, you will be able to get all the desired services shortly.  Now here are the best services that any social media tracker can serve to its customers:

Social media tracker - MocoSpy Android spying software

Better engagement with the audience

Mostly the big businesses have a hard time managing their customers online. There is a bulk audience, and you must manage all of them. Hence it is a daunting task for the owners to respond to every customer simultaneously. But if you do not then it will leave a rude impression on your customers hence an excellent social media tracker will let you know about is your employees are wasting time in the workplace is the must-have thing to get the reports of everything online. In this way, you can pick the right one for your needs.

Better customers relations

Mostly with the big business or with the small business as well. There are the vendors who are there to have made better relationships with their customers; in this case, it is better to respond to them in a better way. In this regard, it is better if you go for the best social media tracker.

You will be able to get the news of your customers wherever they are on any social media platform. You do not need to go for the multiple tabs to get the desired results. 

Monitor your employees secretly

Hence if you are thinking of tracking the employees who are engaging with the android devices then in this way, you will not be only able to catch that spam. Still, also you will be able to get the strategies in which your competition is managing his business. Advanced android spy software is ideal in tracking in almost all the regards. 

Engage and identify your top customers

It is the vital thing to track your top customers and their activities online as they will be the best advocates to support your business. Also, once you are updated from such an application then ultimately you will be informed about the touting the products in a better way. 

Finally, in this way you can build the best relationships with the customers. Also, you need to incorporate sometimes the marketing strategies in your search. 

Get updates about the industry movement.  

Right now, with the advent of technology, it is the most important task to lead the edge of your team, niche, and your industry. Hence it is the reason why it is essential to be in the discussion of the latest trends and curves of the profits and Employees are degeneration time in your company. Like if you own the restaurants, then it is best to get updated about the latest trends about the things in your activities, 

It could be anything, beverages, desserts, or new dishes. Also, if you are in the fashion industry, then it is best to know what the world around you love to wear on all the social media platforms in a single platform without opening multiple tabs. All in all, to compete with the edge, it is imperative to be on the social media tacking to get the most from that. 

Not only this, but you can also efficiently monitor your employees to avert any loss into your business. 


How to get the best social media tracker app?

It is the tricky part of all. You need to find the best or the one which has all the essential benefits for your business. In this way, the quality social media tracker can only be the MocoSpy. That can give you all the demanding results in no time. Here you will be able to make short hidden videos, to get your hands on proof of whatever is happening online. Moreover, you can monitor your target person by knowing him at all. 

Have you ever thought of tracking the person’s performances online who must be your child or your employees? If yes, then the features of the high tech social media tracking tools must have the following features:

  • The right social media tracking tools must be able to give you all the analytics in one tab, not in the multiple tabs. 
  • Also, track all the changes in their conversation, followers and compare the changes
  • Get your eyes on the audience engagements on the social media application
  • Discover who is mentioning either your child or your competitors in the market
  • Also, analyze all the publishing trends over time

Tips for using a social media tracker app

Yes, there must be some tips to use it effectively. It is as essential as knowing the benefits of owning such an android spy software with you.

· Hidden Screen Recorder

Yes, all the best social media tracker apps will serve you, and it is you who must know about the benefits of this feature hidden screen recorder and let yourself know about recording in the. It is best to avoid baseless fights with the targeted person to secretly sneak into their mobile phone. 

· Take Hidden Screenshots  

Sometimes these screenshots can be a life-saving option. From the hidden screenshot, you will be able to record all the necessary proofs which are essential to target the person. 

private Screeenshots

· Record Surround Voices 

Yes, it is the target person being called over the internet and they are chatting something suspicious then it is the best way to capture voice to tell him when you alleged him. 

listen to surround recording

· Keylogger

There is no better option than the Android keylogger that any of the spying applications can serve to its customers. From keylogger, you can capture all the key which the target person is pressing. Hence if he is planning to change the password then also, he cannot unlock his cell phone.


Get also details about their social media passwords email account password. 


1. Why should you need social media tracking?

Social media is like the flowing river. There are lots of conversations and content that flow like the river. If you catch the information like finding the water only, then you will be able to monitor all the stats that are in favor of your business after avoiding all those who have some severe consequences. 

2. How do I track social media activity?

MocoSpy is the best application to spy on social media.

3. What are the benefits of data tracking?

There are not single benefits from social media tracking.

  • Security of your child
  • Workforce management
  • Productive environment
  • Track on the sales data
  • Social media tracking
  • GPS location tracking

4. What is essential in social media?

There is lots of content and things on social media which is very important for the business. Even your child must be receiving some of the critical notification regarding his cyberbullying and curricular. 

5. What is social media tracking?

It is the tracker that lets you know about the business scale on social media, and in this case, MocoSpy is the best as you will not need to open several tabs for monitoring. 

Final Words:

If you are searching for the best parental control apps to spy on social media then we can bet you, you will not be able to find it in the competition of Advanced features of android spying software. Also, you can protect your kids from serious threats online for your child. 

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