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With the spread of technology, things have gone beyond our control. Also, every parent has this concern that their kids spend more and more time on technology than they should. Though being tech-savvy is crucial nowadays, using technology responsibly is also important nowadays.

Now read to know how to create your responsibility for using technology. But before that, it is essential to know to learn about the when and why of this technical issue. 

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Every passing year your child becomes more and more exposed to the technology. Also, it is essential to know about the time and attention that kids are spending their time online. It is because there are several calamities children can face due to the exposure to technology.

It is essential to limit technology in your children’s life as it will create hurdles for them physically, intellectually, and socially. 

Technology & Teens: Luxury or necessity

It can be possible that your teen is lamenting endlessly on the negative consequences of not owning a personal cell phone. But in the end, it is you who will decide whether your kid needs a smartphone as a matter of his life or death or not.

Also, for this reason, it is important to set the cell phone according to your priority list to make the final decision. Also, you need to think about whether it is as useful to him to own a cell phone or not. Suppose you are thinking of track your teen in school or not. Most of the schools have already banned the usage of a cell phone in their school premises. Hence it means that the package with full internet services is not essential. 

Moreover, if the point is to inform you about their whereabouts, then the primary phone is enough for them. In addition to this, they can enjoy their usage of the internet on their laptops, pc, and others, which is more than enough.

Hence before giving them some expensive cell phones, it is essential to give them the essential gadgets they want. 

Teach responsibility 

When your kid is continuous with the technology and all that latest technology is equivalent to make their dream come true. However, being a parent, you must be far-sighted to know what consequences can be. It is because sometimes people lose all their connections from their immediate surroundings and become isolated.

It is important not to let technology rule their lives.

You need to set boundaries for use and access to technology by all the associates. 

Set limitations

Technology can be an opportunity for you and your children both. In this way, you need to check its significance and how things are responsible for it. Moreover, as a parent, it is entirely on you how your kid is using technology. 

For this reason, a reputable android spy app can be a good option to check out their sneaky activity on cell phones and other gadgets. 

Are you still helpless? Use the MocoSpy video camera app.

For this purpose, you need to install the phone spy app into your teen’s cell phone. Therefore, you need to go for the subscription of the official website. You can easily install the cell phone monitoring app into your teen’s cell phone.

In addition to this, you will also get the access key from the team of MocoSpy. In this case, you will have two options: either you want to do it in stealth mode or not Interesting?

Access to MocoSpy Online Control Panel & Features

With the help of MocoSpy License key, you can access the online control panel. From here, you can get all the features of tracking software that you want into your target cell phone. You can choose anyone as MocoSpy serves thousands of features:

  • Hidden screen recorder
  • Hidden call recorder
  • Camera bug
  • Surrounding voices recorder by buying cell phone mic
  • Hacking frond and back camera

How Does the Camera Bug Feature  Work?

Once you have MocoSpy control panel access, then you can easily send the command to your teen’s mobile phone and get the information on the online control panel. The moment you sent the command and the moment it is received, it will start working on that very instant. 

You can also take secret pictures from the front and back camera with the help of this feature. You can get the videos remotely. In addition to this, you will know about the whereabouts of your kids surrounding as well. 


Parents can use this highly optimized and highly advanced spy app to record the target cell phone screen. In addition to this, a parent can even keep an eye on their teens and kids’ surroundings. It will help in effective parentings to protect teens from online affairs.

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