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Spy call recorder features are coming with the bulk of legitimate uses. Among them all, it is for the parents to keep their children safe and employers trying to keep their business sound and productive. Are you looking the way to secrelty listen to someone’s calls without them knowing? Here are we mentioned the top best-hidden spy call recorder for android phones to remotely listen to someone’s calls.

Here we are going to discuss the best-hidden call recorder features of the android. We will tell you about their features and specifications due to which they are strongly recommended on our list. Moreover, you can consider the following apps which are updated with the android latest version. 

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1. MocoSpy Remote Call Recorder

MocoSpy is one of the most famous spy call recorder for the android mobile phone to secrelty record someones incoming & outgoing call. It is the full functional hidden call recorder with advanced feature that is demanded with the call recorder. 

hidden call recorder

This hidden call spy recorder features the online control panel and the remote call recording, which is enough to help things out just send the command from MocoSpy hidden call recorder to your target phone remotely. 

How to use Hidden Spy Call Recorder For Android?

  • Download & Install MocoSpy spy call recorder in your target phone
  • Enter the license key in MocoSpy hidden call recorder.
  • Now when your target phone gets incoming & outgoing call its will secrelty recorder calls & upload it on MocoSpy dashboard.

2. Automatic Hidden call recorder 

This app is less popular than the MocoSpy hidden call recorder without an icon on the list; however, it is also equipped with the advanced call recording feature. The prime features which make its users surprised are some organization features, automatic call recording, and the ability to record only one phone per license. 

Spy call recorder - Automatic Call recorder

Moreover, it also supports cloud storage backup with other little but unique features. Hence it is all about the features that it is attractive to the buyers. 

3. Black box Mobile secret call recorder 

You can also call it the professional hidden call recorder app and call log views. It has a flashy level of features: record quality calls, backup support of cloud, and call recording automatically. 

hidden call spy

Moreover, you can also monitor iPhone and windows calls but it’s not always working on hidden mode.  

4. Bold beast spy call recorder 

It is the ambiguous app that either works for you correctly or not works at all. Also, you can check the google play ratings if there are any trust issues. However, in either case, the spy call recorder is made well. It is because you can set the manually hidden call recorder if you need to with the help of any hotkey. 

Spy call recorder - Bold beast Hidden call spy

Moreover, it works as a voice recorder if you want. Also, this app supports all the latest sorts of android versions, including android 8.0 and 5.0. Also, it works for android 10 and 9; however, there are some other complications with these versions of androids. 

5. Call recorder automatic

It is also a decent app for recording calls from the target android app. It works super well; however, you need to open the call speaker to listen to the conversation. 

In addition to this, this app is easy to use. As it will record, organize, and share the calls if you need it to do. However, some people in the reviews said they have a problem with the call logs settings.

6. Cube call recorder 

Cube call recorder is among the few spy call recorders on the list with their real name. It is the app that not only works with the usual phone calls, but it also works with the phone calls that have been made through Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and another social media app. 

call spying - Spy call recorder

It also has a stack of useful features like the playback feature, organizational features, and other essential recording features. 

7. Otter voice notes 

Otter’s voice note is the voice note organizer and transcription service. You can quickly transcribe your existing voice notes, organize your notes, and much more. Moreover, its way of the call recording is unique and highly optimized. 

Also, you get 600 minutes of transcription per month at no cost. Also, there is the sort of option for subscription, and once you get their paid services, you will get more benefits from the call recording feature. 

8. Smart Recorder by Smart Mob

A smart recorder is the other highly optimized voice recorder app. Moreover, it is not designed for call recording, mainly; however, it can do it in a pinch. The best part of this feature is that it will skip silences that you do not wish to listen to. 

Furthermore, it will save your storage as well. In addition to this, it is not the best choice if the battery saving is your concern. However, long call recording is a challenging task with the help of this feature. 

9. Smart voice recorder 

A smart voice recorder is the other call recording option. However, it is a free app, so there can be an issue with advertisements. It is because there are no paywalls. 

Moreover, it can easily switch between the call recording and the standard recording if you wish it to be. Moreover, you can record several audio codecs and share it with the cloud storage if you wish.

10. Voice recorder by splendid apps

It is the other voice and the Spy call recorder functionality. Most of its features are for voice recording, and it lacks the call recording features. Also, some of the features support the variable bitrate settings. 

Moreover, the call recording feature is cheap and ineffective. However, if you wish to kill two stones, this app is preferred, but it lacks quality. 


MocoSpy is the only highly optimized and the super-advanced of all these applications. If you are looking for something more than a call recording feature, then it is only MocoSpy which is the best spy app. The first and foremost feature that you can record every sort of call, either missed incoming or outgoing calls.

Moreover, there is not anything else that you need to compromise on something with the MocoSpy hidden call recorder app.

Moreover, you can block any call remotely from the MocoSpy dashboard it is a budget-friendly option, as well. You can easily install this app into your target user, and then you spy on them calls discreetly. 

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